😠 The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life

:angry: The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life


And you think I’m bad?!

You can come and babysit the youngsters and see



Oi! When a glass of cheap red wine or beer down here is £10 & a 3 course meal would cost nigh on £100, I love awards dinners.
I judge them. I get my name in lights I have something to post on LinkedIn and I stay in touch with the whole industry crowd.
How dare you diss them :rage:


Mrs G made the startling error of inviting me to her works christmas party once.
Just the once.




Stubbed your toe?


Read above…:lou_angry:


Girl in the office just came to my desk and heard me listening to Computer Love by Kraftwerk.

Her: Oh, I didn’t think you liked Coldplay?

Me: No, I really don’t. This is Kraftwerk.

Her: Oh, well they’re knocking off Coldplay.

Me: No, this song is nearly 25 years older than that Coldplay shite.

Her: Oh


Yes, I’m insufferable.


Don’t worry I had the same sort of conversation many years ago at work.

I was playing, believe it or not, Beethoven’s 5th Symphony…Da Da Da Daaaaah. One of my work colleagues asked to borrow the TAPE (ask you mum), when he returned it he said it was a rip-off of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 overture. :lou_eyes_to_sky:

I pointed out that was a cracking trick for Beethoven to pull as he died before Tchaikovsky was born. :lou_facepalm_2:


Going out into the fields this morning and collecting half a bucket of fresh cow dung. Mixing it to a slurry and painting onto the soot and tar stained stones of a recently uncovered fireplace. The idea is that it will block the tar from leaching through the new plaster and limewash.

At present it looks like a failed experiment in Farrow & Balls development facility.

Am off to look for a larger pack of incense.


At uni I was listening to a bit of Bowie in the shared kitchen, girl in my hall pipes up ‘someone’s copied samantha mumbas song already?’ Much education was needed for her.


And you fell for it?



This is very strange


Hmm, do you think I should reconsider the plans for sealing the new floor with ox-blood ?


It’s taking the waitress an average of 4 minutes to bring my Hobgoblin beers.


Well, in for a penny, in for a pound. I’m getting a pre-historic roundhouse vibe from you so maybe also replace the outside wattle and daub plaster?

Fresh mud, dung and straw will go down a treat.

The bonus will be you’re other diy will cover up the smell…



A drunk DJ who “mixes” every cheese classic JUST as it reaches the chorus.
Then they put the Jocks football game on tv.
But cheap beer and drunk bitches makes up for it


Did I really need that 6th pint of Hobgoblin?


Fucking stupid cunting office alarm has gone off, meaning that I’ve had to go in. Worst still, being over limit, I’ve had to get the Ayatollah to drive me. It is going to take years to pay this off


Just saw the advert referred to here

Me and Mrs C_S both spitting feathers. The fucking add seemed to have been written by middle aged out of touch Daily Fail readers trying to be right on. Currently I have a house full of youngsters who think trolling as described is abhorrent… I despair sometimes.


Actually my reply was very much tongue in cheek.

The advice on the use of cow dung came from CADW, the Welsh equivalent of English Heritage. In my work as builder specializing in work on vernacular buildings, I have been aware of the use of dung in mixes for pargeting the inside of chimneys. I have never previously done it myself so today was the first of 3 days work. I will have to paint a 2nd coat on tomorrow and then lime render on Sunday.

I’ll see how it works here over the winter before recommending it to clients.

If I do use it elsewhere I’ll recommend the burning of Muji Sandalwood candles, they work at treat.

Actually two of the upstairs walls in the house are made of wattle and daub and I have used the mix which you recommend to repair them, I would not use anything else.