😠 The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life (Part 2)

When I was at university in Guildford my parents lived in Blandford, I only went home at Christmas and then only because the Campus shut down for a week…

And they had moved without telling you?

And back on crutches.
Seems leg muscles are recovering fine, but the old damage to tendons from my ACL 30 years ago is impacting my muscles and they don’t want my knee to bend.
Hence last night was a world of pain androck dolid muscles.
During deep tissue massage today Physio found about 6 trigger points.
This is gonna take a while and I have to stay off my feet all day.


Wait til the England game starts.

Kids who, are now in their 20’s, insist that we all go on “family holidays” to countries they’ve never been to before - with the Bank of Mr & Mrs C_S funding it….

Just them or their beloveds as well

This year it’s just them

I despair about the future :roll_eyes:

That will be them their other half’s and a brace of grandkids each (school holidays as well)

Don’t, just don’t……


The Morning of the day the Paraffin budgie is due to remove you from the Betty Ford clinic and take you to a bar.

And you have a medical booked in the Philippines so still cannot have a drink

Fuck Fuck Fuck.

I note that your medical is not booked at the end of your off rotation

It was meant to be booked for the day i disembarked so all kidney and liver functions would have been normal but that got cancelled in EG so now have to do it in the Philippines where i will be abstaining as opposed to drinking like a fish.

Stop whining, it’ll do you good. :rage::smile::smile::smile::smile:

That is a tragic waste of business class

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Correct it will be especially the Ethiopian legs where the food is terrible and the only thing worth doing is drinking Vodka and coke.

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This is a actually a serious annoyance and a query whether anyone has had a similar experience, or can offer advice.

Three years ago, I was involved in a minor traffic accident. A car reversed into me causing fairly superficial damage. I exchanged details and made it clear I held the other driver at fault.

My wife was with me and heard him say he had to reverse as a car was coming mong the other way. When I got out to inspect the damage, his reversing lights were still on.

I reported to my insurers (with the name/phone of independent witness). I soon heard back that the Third Party admitted liability. Through a claims handler and repair manager, my damage was repaired and I had confirmation it was no fault and no cost in my case and the Third Party’s insurance had paid in full and case closed.

Over two years later, I get a letter. out of the blue from a firm of lawyers saying this Third Party has retracted his admission and holds me liable! I resubmitted all evidence and email chains and heard nothing, so assumed it was dealt with.

But no. I now have an email repeating the retraction and informing me of a County Court case to establish liability. The lawyers for my insurers seem to know nothing and want all information to be resubmitted. Bloody annoying.

It’s a monumental waste of my time but I have to do it and agree to go to Court. I hope that will see them off, but my questions are: who has prompted this? Can you resurrect a settled claim after so long? On what basis can you withdraw an admission of liability?

I sounds like the response to one of those “Have you been involved in an accident” phone calls from an “Ambulance chaser” company. :rage:


Ignore it dont go to court they have already accepted liability by paying for the damage to your car.