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So, was the bloke found wandering around town in his underpants, on the way to the pub to buy half a pint of old and filthy?
Perhaps there was a CID sting, after 30 tramps were found to be wearing police trousers.
Can only assume said trousers had “police” somewhere on them.

Giving up Twitter @scotty misses out on links to such wonderful epoch defining stories…

Perhaps the actual answer is that they are a bit shit and you cannot do long journeys in them

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I thought the landed gentry bought clothes that lasted, hand-me-downs through the generations?

Your family have also benefited from Slowlane largesse in hand-me-downs…witness your Viking ancestor’s picture.

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But we do get some strange looks when we go out as a family. People think we’re a reenactment society :frowning:

We have that trouble too. I’m still wearing my great grandfather’s Topper…

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With the pawnbrokers slip still in the top pocket. :wink:

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

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Yay! we are joining in the pan-EU fun tomorrow.

So staying home and cheering them on as everyone should be

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Lol - You line ‘em up and I’ll smash ‘em down :joy:

These guys caused what was described on the local news as “armageddon” on Krakow’s roads today.

And good luck to them and every other farmer protesting across Europe.

The locals picked up the issue with allowing cheap imports from Ukraine and the EU ignored them, others in Germany fought against the green policies that would bankrupt them yet allowing their customers - supermarkets especially - to protect their profits.

I NEVER get political, but this is a fight for the future across all of Europe & UK

And yes “Green Reforms” are needed but so is food. The reforms have to be phased and have to be economically sound. Perhaps start with Private Jets rather than farmers?


This many protest points

And what are the Brit farmers doing? Oh yeah Tories can arrest them for complaining


In a different reality, every Accountant and Tax Expert would be burnt at the stake




From the largely Brexit voting farming community…

Thank the lords we missed that yesterday…

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It had already finished by the time you had changed the tire and driven down there :slight_smile:

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This should be in the news but ain’t…these aren’t tin-foil hatters…fuckin’ scary…


John O’Looney???


The Loinigh were descendants of the Ui Nialls in the north of Ireland.

Became the anglicised O’Looney’s / O’Neills

©️ family related shit I know


And this is our left of centre Government