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Word on the streets of Westminster is that Gove will be the next Home Secretary. It’s a job he has made no secret of coveting.

Oh God, no. Not another self centred imbecile. Ffs.

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I’ve got my doubts whether Sunak has the bottle to sack her, there will be something approaching civil war amongst the Tories either way. Methinks it will take a braverman than him to give her a P45. I’ll get my coat!


Errr - there are 670 of them in that place - it was always going to be a self centred imbecile

There is some political mileage to be had here

If Sunak sacks Braverman then he can immediately go to town on Starmer saying I’ve got control of my front bench, when are to going to get control over yours over Gaza

If he does sack her then it will be bruising for a bit and then she is on the back benches and effectively muzzled. You don’t hear much from Patel now after she got turfed out



Remember back 2010 Chris Evans dropped £12m on a Ferrari 250 GTO and everyone thought he was mental?

One sold in the US this week for £42m


Lord Cameron of Chipping Norton, the British Foreign Secretary welcoming Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg to the Foreign Office this afternoon.

Cameron: “…and it was a huge pig!”
Schallenberg: “Wait, you fucked a pig?”

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Will say cheerio to y’all now then.
It’s been fun


I can’t go for this, no can do…



Seems to be quite a common thing with bands, loads of instances of some serious fallings out between musicians over the years, Simon and Garfunkel being the classic one. The Everly Brothers too, they never spoke or even acknowledged each other off stage for years, took separate planes to and from gigs. Rumour has it that one Everly fucked the other Everly’s wife. That would do it!

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headline from the telegraph

Brazilian Deliveroo driver foils Dublin knifeman by smashing attacker with his helmet

Absolutely crying out for some piss take

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Calling @scotty

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Didn’t quite know where to put this, but it’s got to be worth a mention. Well played that man. Sixty years service to the NHS and still going strong.



The Scots are revolting

So are they going to buy socks for all the males ?

The package is aimed at further supporting New York’s commitment to gender inclusivity and providing necessary resources to the state’s youth.