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I was on the IoW over the weekend, apart from a few rain showers the weather was mostly nice.

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This Andrew Tate thing is a lot bigger than it seemed…

BBC News - Andrew Tate: Chats in ‘War Room’ suggest dozens of women groomed

Maguire is in the England squad

How the fuck does that happen he cannot get in the Manure team

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So all the beds bought at 2,500 quid each by the NHS for the Nightingale Hospitals and never used have been sold for 6 quid each

Probably a better watch than today’s fiasco

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We need MORE shitty airplane stories!


Did anyone know the Invictus Games open in Düsseldorf this evening?

No?, neither did Young Adult#1 currently there for study. Said she saw a load of troops/ police there earlier as she was leaving for a day trip to Maastricht and wondered why - the troops, not going to Maastricht.

Not a lot about the games in mainstream media there or here tbf. We had to tell her - nothing on the main or sports pages on bbc at the mo’.

Maybe Harry’s star doesn’t shine so brightly these days?

Maybe the medua agenda is to mute him.

It’s. A shame because the Invictus games is probably the only thing he has done which could have a lasting positive impact

The problem is that the military have pulled the ladder up on him after his book

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You reap what you sow I guess :man_shrugging:

A big thing here with the election 35 days away.
A lot of name calling, a lot of people rushing to Agnieska’s side.


I’m a bit conflicted by this programme

If the allegations are as stated then have the victims / The Times / Ch4 referred the allegations to the police?

I’m not a fan of Brand by any stretch of the imagination, but the victims deserve to see due process done through the courts and Brand able to stand up in court rather than trial by tv. Imho obvs. Am I missing something here? :man_shrugging:

This sits in a worrying area.
Brand has called out Big Pharna and others on TV over corruption *+& Covid injuries.

And gets a full on hatchet job.

With allegations that have not been passed to any Police force.

Not sure that is how things are supposed to work

I think how this has always worked historically is that the allegations are put to the accused person by the newspaper a week before they go to press. They are invited to comment and respond to the allegations before they are published, via their lawyers if so desired. I don’t think the police get involved until it’s been published, when any evidence would be handed to them if they want to get involved. I’m pretty sure The Sunday Times will be very confident about the story before going to press with it.

Well Brand fucked their scoop by getting out there first, actually a pretty clever move giving that it is going out anyway

They have to be pretty certain otherwise they will get sued for ever and a day

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OK this is from the Daily Heil, but it doesn’t have a paywall.

Places like Mumsnet are going ballistic and rightly so imho.

It mentions the alleged rape happened in LA, so presumably out of UK police jurisdiction. If the assaults happened here, then they’ll need to go to the Police before the papers, surely. It’s up to HM Constab to decide if he should be charged with a criminal act. Could go the same way as that other annoying cunt, Justin Lee Collins.
Reckon Brand will find it difficult going to the US though.

Several instances of alleged assaults on women being broken by the media before police involvement, several footballers spring to mind. The Sunday Times/Channel4 have been working on the Brand story for a year. I’m sure the police will now wait and see what comes out of the woodwork now it’s in the public domain. Brand appears to have been behaving in this way in plain sight for years.

The Anthony Martial allegations in Braz appear to have crumbled
They went to the press first as well.