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Cripes, but Tiger winning was a bit of a thing.


Is this the time to put the money on the Yanks?

No this is the time to put the money on the Europeans.

I am a twat .


Oh you will like this
Everyone hates Piers Morgan.
Epic fail.


1st volunteer training night for DPWTC last night.
Gutted by the exclusive news that Paul Casey has returned to being a non & is playing for appearance money in America instead of fulfilling his tour commitments.
Also Justin won’t come unless he stands a chance to win the Race to Dubai, so no way I get my Ryder Cup flag signed by the team.
Patrick Reed & Xander Schaufelle are coming.
In honour of Dubai Saints, the bar at the par 3 17th is now renamed Barasti.
Oh and this is our 10th anniversary so the Tour are throwing a full on after party for all of us.
I’ve done all 10, amazing, after the drunken mess of the 1st we thought that was it, now one of the best of the year.
Mrs D_P gets a job as official snapper as well, so gonna have my work cut out trying to tell her where to go/What to do…


You are going to tell Mrs D_P where to go?


Not brave enough to try to do that…


,A little follow up to my earlier tale of bad luck/good luck. After originally being told that I would be sharing the club championship, 6 WEEKS later they decided that there had to be a single winner as the name goes on the club’s honour board. So this last weekend myself and the other guy had to go into a sudden death play off. There was a coin toss which he won, and he decided he would tee off first. The first hole is a par 3 with water all down the right hand side and the pressure got to him and he hit it straight into the lake. I just played safe and hit one into the left. To cut a long story not so long, I had an easy putt for a bogey 4 which led to a quick handshake and concession of defeat by my opponent. A horrible way for someone to miss out, but I am now THE ‘B’ grade club champion, and will be immortalised forever more with my name etched into the Gainsborough Greens Honour Board. :smiley:
I will indulge myself and post photos of the club presentation evening and of the freshly updated honour board in due course… :smiley


Cameron Smith & Jim Furyk pulled out of Dubai to play your National Open next week.
Maybe you should join them.




Graucho Marx?


But no Cigar…




Today’s mission

Got all 10 of the team that have made it down here, leaves me with some severe extreme stalking and creativity to get the full set (Rose & Casey missing)

Very hot up on t he course, it looks in perfect nick.

Amazing how people said hello - Lee Westwood was the 1st with a very positive Good Morning seeing is was out partying at Atlantis last night until 2am.
All the lads took time to say thankyou, Rory said "wasn’t that a brilliant afternoon when I mentioned being out with him & Poulter on the Friday afternoon. And Mrs D_P slipped back into her role as an official snapper easily, so have some cracking snaps of the guys signing this.

Thorbjorn was epicly grinning all the way round the course.

So Patrick Reed seemed to be a bit stiff or limping a bit, Rory looked a bit quiet, hot & sweaty. Noren spent 3 hours on the putting green. Fleetwood looked chilled and Hatton rolled in a long putt and then I got REALLY bored.
I mean HEROICALLY bored.
I’m getting Tyrell to sign and this git with a scouse accent comes in and starts chatting, then wanted to know about volunteering, then which bars were the most interesting.
I’m standing there thinking I know this bloke but it can’t be him.
Then brain clicks in - International Break and yeah, I’ve just spent 18 years in a 10 minute conversation with James “boring” Milner.
He really is…
Mrs D_P is downloading snaps maybe some will be worth posting. Meanwhile I have to plan my annual party gatecrash. IF I get in it will be broadcast live on Twitter about 4 or 5pm UK time.
Wish me luck, I have a full list of names to drop if needed…
Last resort I can always threaten to introduce the bouncers to Milner


1st rumblings of the impact of the big schedule changes next year.
Rory does talk sense, especially about the appearance money Abu Dhabi throws at Americans


Look what I won :sunglasses:


Not been caught yet then Phil :joy:


Fvck me that was hot out there today. Crazy. Heat exhaustion medevacs of spectators and volunteers. A weird heavy still air am broken.
Managed some more bantz with the scousehampton lads Sam Warburton’s actually a really nice kid, amazed to see him totally star struck by MoliWood today.
Apart from the heat it was a great day on the course. We have name badges, some of us this year have Gold coloured ones for doing all 10 DPWTC events.
So many of the local snappers actually WANT to hear Ryder Cup stories - amazing.
Molinari is right up there, looks like he wants to win this, completely different from France but fun.
Mrs D_P is roped in as an official snapper of all the volunteers, she’s loving it as well, just wish I could feel my legs.
Absolutely broken drank 6.5 litres of water alone today!


18 medevacs yesterday 19 Thursday, 10 today this has been tough most spectators just passed out by the bars instead of trying to watch golf.
More cat golf porn


He teed off, sprinted down the fairway shouting see you in a minute!


When you have a sudden and explosive coughing fit right in Westwoods’ backswing on 1st hole & he opens with a bogey 5 #daggers