The Gin thread

The Gin thread


I think I need to share this, keeping with the spirit of the occasion. :lou_wink:

I only turned to gin this year. I always thought I hated it, but it turned out that its only tonic I hate. Some brief research showed other mixers are widely in use, so I picked ginger ale.

As I mentioned in the Rockstone yesterday, my current favourite gin is Four Pillars. This is an Aussie tipple, from the Yarra Valley. The “Rare Dry Gin” version uses coriander, juniper, cardamom, star anise, lemon myrtle, Tasmanian mountain pepper, lavender, cinnamon and angelica. The very unusual additon is fresh organic oranges.

To taste, you get spice and sweet on the tongue at once. The heat of the pepperbery is quickly dissipated by the oranges.

You can find this in the UK for around £30. The crazy Aussie tax system means that buying it from the shop at the distillery is more like £60. Oh, I think the bottle is pretty cool too :cool:


Has it been that bad? Talk to us Bucks, we are here to help


He’s got fuck all else to do :lou_wink_2:


I’m pretty partial to a g and t but must confess that as long as it’s Fever Tree tonic and a fucking huge balloon glass I’m not particularly fussy.

As mentioned yesterday, this is one that has stood out as a bit yummy though:


Surprized Bletch is not here in is smoking jacket sipping on a pink gin


Local to me… its certainly something Gay Abandon woudl ahve approved of


I like gin

it doesn’t like me

Emirates airline has Gin & Tonic as my prefererred drink :lou_lol:


I drink gin way more than rum now. So happy to see what’s suggested here too.

@bucks any other mixer suggestions as my partner doesn’t like tonic water either?

I brought back from Norfolk a very smooth gin. It was a tad pricey but as a ‘souvenir’ / treat I felt it was worth it.

Loved the bottle and label. Label comes off smoothly too so I now have a bottle to maybe make some sloe gin at some point.


I have seen ginger beer, or soda water and lime juice suggested.

I tried ginger ale first though and (a) I liked it straightaway; (b) asking for G + GA in pubs seems to be more common than I realised; and © Fever Tree have a ginger ale :cool:


You’ll thank me later:

Take 1 gin balloon glass.

Add 4 large ice cubes.


25ml london dry gin.

25ml greenall’s wild berry gin.

50ml apple schnapps (I am using Teichenné Manzana Apple).

juice of 1 lime.


good splash of fever tree mediterranean tonic.

scrunch up a sprig of mint and add along with a kaffir lime leaf and an apple segment.


I can highly recommend:

budget(ish) option: Whitley Neill Rhubarb and Ginger Gin with ginger ale.

premium option: Bath Gin Hopped Rhubarb Edition with ginger ale. yum.


If martinis are your thing then Gilpins in the way forward

{James Bond is a rock lord if he can save the world after three of these}


Just trying Lone Wolf… ice, orange segment and fever tree tonic… could be calling you all cunts very soon (mind you I do that sober or pissed) :lou_wink_2:


Apparently, Saturday is world gin day, and to celebrate that fact I am going to “Brisbane’s biggest gin party”, with 3 hours of various gin tastings.

Sunday I am jumping on a plane back to the UK.

I don’t think I thought this through too well…


And Mrs G and I celebrate our wedding anniversary :lou_smiley:.

BBQ planned. Gin arrived today :lou_lol:


Huge congratulations! x 2 :lou_lol:


World gin day, eh??

Right then, I shall be at a pool party in Singerpore - quick detour to duty free on the way through Heathrow


The Ginchester Festival is having a fete in the Great Hall in Winchester this Saturday pm if anyone is interested.

(not a member or in any way affiliated, just passing on the info). Might be pissed up there though.


I shall be spending Saturday taking Teenage Mutant to an open day at Sussex Uni (me and Mrs C_S met in Brighton and were indifferent students tbf) then off to pick up Young Adult after her 1st year at Uni in Exeter on Sunday- gonna be knackered. Think I’ll try a couple of the recommended drinkies on here …think I’ll need it…!