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thats good for the ex pats

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Well worth staying down for…

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Is there anyone in UK in a position of power who doesn’t abuse people?

However, if Everton beat Sheffield United at Goodison Park on Saturday, the team could be certain of Premier League survival even if they lost a further nine points – fuelling speculation that the club could enter administration next week.

This would be a more beneficial option for some than others.

HOW much debt? And that doesn’t include over 400m to Moshiri and all the debt to small local suppliers

The US firm has loaned Everton about £192m – a debt which comes on top of the £225m Everton borrowed from Rights & Media Funding (RMF) and the £160m from a consortium of MSP Capital and wealthy Evertonians Andy Bell and George Downing.

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The end of football begins

Message for Fifa…FUCK RIGHT OFF!


So basically they have realised that the MLS is dogshit, has always been dogshit and will always be dogshit and the only way they get to watch non dogshit football in their dogshit country is to import non dogshit teams from non dogshit leagues


… whereupon they will immediately become dogshit.


It will break our hearts when Wrexham get to play Rotherham in front of 82,000 fans at the Met Life Stadium next season while we continue to scrape 28,000 in the Championship…

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I’m losing count of exactly how much Everton owe…

As someone offers them another 150m loan

at what security

If they don’t get paid back, Calvert Lewin has to drag up. Again.

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