:uefa_logo: ⚽ The Combined European Finals Thread

Lots of football to come from the mini world cups in Germany & Portugal.
Utd not winning 0-0
There is another game
BT Sport

PEH would walk into this Utd side with his passing ability & accuracy in midfield

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inter Milan v Leverkusen I believe

Inter are 2-1 up

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It’s not the best is it…

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Utd v Copenhagen going to extra time.

Extra time thx to a stunning 1 handed save by Copenhagen keeper then stunning last ditch tackle on Martial.
Could go to pens in a game Utd were expected to walk.
Falk looks useful for Copenhagen wide right

Crazy saves pinball in box penalty Utd!

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Copenhagen keeper having a blinder

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Game over. 1-0 Utd
More footy to watch

So Wolves v Sevilla tonight, winner to play Man United in the semi.

Wolves win a penalty after a strong run by Traore, initially I thought the ref had booked him for diving but, no, it was a penalty.

However a poor penalty by Jiminez is saved by the Sevilla keeper.

0-0 in a better game than last night’s fare

Traore great run. Obvious pen.
Piss poor fro jiminez. saved.

Normally I prefer the fake crowd noise, but I can’'t abide fake punditry from a complete cunt like Savage.

Over to Radcliffe and Maconie.

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Wolves 0-0 Sevilla
Shaktar 2-0 Basel (winner plays Inter Milan)

Found a Spanish stream on Fotyval. Much better than Savage.

Wolves keeping their shape well making Seville play around nowhere and no doubt suckering them in for the 2and half break away goal

Ever Banega still looks a player.

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Sevilla take the lead on 87 minutes, great headed goal TBF

And he turned us down, if we were ever after him…

Dani Osvaldo signed. Banega probably ran away in the opposite direction.

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Jiminez needs his arse well and truly kicked.


Didn’t realise that was in Duisberg.

Saw them play Bayern in 1975. It looked a lot different then. They are now in the third division.

Seville deserved that, much the better team. Also unbeaten in their last 19 games in all competitions. Class side.