The Citizens v The "coming back after a difficult period that I don't want to talk about" Saints

Fuck Sake, MoPo presser is on now and the @pap hasn’t pulled his finger out yet so I’ll start it and he can start one of his “competing” threads.

I expect not to start the next one though.

Will we beat the mighty free flowing Citizens at their place?
Will we play with @areloa-grandee as we did against Everton?
Will any one actually care if Saints get stuffed?

All this and more will be answered in next week’s episode, tune in then

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I suspect this might prove a slightly more difficult game than Everton.


Is this the positive mad fucker thread, or the tedious nerds who actually discuss tactics thread? I ain’t comitting and posting until this is clear

It can be whatever you want it to be my friend, although the mere fact that @bearsy has posted should give you a hint as to the direction the thread will probably take.

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Should just get Liam to have a square go against Craig David for the 3 points. We will still lose but would have the benefit of enjoying it on Monday, through to Saturday


Wonder if Austin’s Fkn Knees will stand another 80 mins so soon? It’d be a shame to drop anyone I think. I dunno if I’m even much tempted to bring Lemina or Romeu straight back in, and I’m accustomed to thinking of them as like our Best Players.

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Hope we can put up a better display than against i.e. Liverpool. Having one fkn shot ought to do it.


I think before the game starts, the team should line up on the half way line with their backs to Citeh, then slowly bend over and touch their toes. If they are going to fuck us up the arse, we might as well go willingly.

Every ounce of confidence gained from the everton performance will have been sucked out of us by Aguero in the first 15 minutes.

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I think we’ll win this one! It’s just the sort of thing we’d do!

We’ll be the team that breaks the talk of “The Invincibles II”.

(Either that or we’ll lose or possibly draw.)

That’s the funny thing about the fickleness of the press, lastr year Pep was being lambasted as “not all he’s cracked up to be” after City’s less than stellar season.

Yet this season he’s suddenly the vinegar strokes again…

Is Kevin Phillips playing instead of Charlie?


@cb-saint You must be thinking “Carry on up the Khyber” and Devils in skirts

We could win this after that display 0-2 to the Saints in shorts.

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Everton were poor, Citeh are on top of their game. Coming away with a draw will be a fantastic result - otherwise I going for 2:1 to Citeh. Roll on Sunday instead.

We’re going to take a beating. At least 4-0.

We’re going to take a beating. At least 4-0.

Is that one prediction for each half, Fats?


My prediction.

We’ll take an early lead, then they’ll pile on the pressure and go ahead(probably before half time).

Down hill after that, with mistakes being made all over the pitch, as players that are just not reacting quickly enough get caught out of position far too often. It will all look rather embarrassing at times.

But who gives a fuck about man city.

Boufal, Højbjerg & JWP are going to fuck them over(in the second half, as they won’t all start).

Almost forgot 2-3(maybe 4).

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