The Christmas Music Video Thread

The Christmas Music Video Thread


The Glorious 10th has arrived and it’s finally time for the REAL run-up to Christmas.

Time to display, what might be for you an out of character charitable spirit. Even if you’re not of a religious persuasion you probably have some Christmas favourite. Put aside that world-weary cynicism you display for the rest of the year and post something joyous instead…


For my second selection in this popular Christmas thread I thought you like to hear this beautiful version of O Come, O Come Emmanuel by Belle & Sebastian…



Another Scottish band…The Pearlfishers.


Not joyous at all but only because I now live in E17


‘Merry Christmas Everyone’ is probably the Christmas song I remember most vividly from my childhood. Bagfuls of associated nostalgia.

Bit creepy watching this now though.


Perhaps my favourite Sufjan Stevens Christmas song…a happy/sad song…a little bit of seasonal magic.


My fave Sufyan Stevens one. Some people called him the Welsh Elvis, could Elvis have done this?


Shut up, intiniki. You love East 17. Don’t try denying it.


Classic stuff!




More Christmas fantastical weirdness…on an epic scale…intergrating a Joy Division tribute for the last 5 minutes :lou_smiley:








Originally posted by @pap

Shut up, intiniki You love East 17. Don’t try denying it.

Love is a very strong word.

I may have thought they were good when I was a teenager (I know have some info on teenage brains which explains that period!) but not a fan now. It was awful.