The Christmas Music Video Thread

The Christmas Music Video Thread


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Love is a very strong word.

I may have thought they were good when I was a teenager (I know have some info on teenage brains which explains that period!) but not a fan now. It was awful.

So you’re telling me that if Brian Harvey turned up on your doorstep clutching a big bag of pills and claiming that Blue were hunting him with dogs, and he needed your help, you’d turn him away, would you?

Bitch :lou_lol:


That cunt ran himself over! You wouldn’t need dogs to hunt him!


Goatboy… whilst I would normally chastise you (and down vote you) for laughing and looking for a cheap gag in others misfortune ( a nasty trait in any character), in this particular instance, I must applaud as he is a twat.


If you like your Christmas tunes with everything including the kitchen sink, this offering from the bass player and drummer from Yes is for you.



Before Bowie’s Teeth fix… handsome…


Late 70’s so much Cocaine


Sounds like work to me. So would probably try and be nice to him at the least whilst other half called the authorities.





love a bit of harmonica:


The traditional side of Sufjan Stevens’ Christmas offerings…



Radcliffe and Maconie played this on 6 music this afternoon. It has to be the worst Christmas song…EVER!!

Mercifully short…the ending is hilarious…




Seriously weird Christmas video from the maestro…



Not really a Christmas song but one that, all the same conveys everything that is beautiful in this cruel and sordid world.