:bbc: The BBC

:bbc: The BBC


Are you disputing that Assange is a political prisoner? Why is he confined in the Ecuadorian Embassy you massive dick?



Have you read tihs?


I’m giving up now because you’ll just refute anything and it’s pointless


No. You are giving up because you are lost.
And I will not gloat.




Quite some praise.


I’ll take it … in a manner of saying :s


Definitely one to pick your own choice of reality :grin:


Lets chat then


Start with the last Luke Harding fabrication.
Guardian, of course.


Let’s start with a group of people who have outlier notions but gang together to reinforce their beliefs :slight_smile:


You could take the challenge i offered Barry, but i’m sure you’ve ignored a similar challenge before.
Oh well when ever either of you feel more confident in your beliefs, let me know.


Which is basically the internet now


I used to work for the BBC and you couldn’t be more wrong regarding truthfulness and the media.


Live in Russia and complain about govt bias in the State media :slight_smile:


Do you mean you and all your extra accounts? Mate, we realise you’re all the same person, SaintTedFost…

Just a shame that one of you was such a dick that @Fatso left the site over it.


Should be easy enough to to win that challenge then.


I can’t speak for Fatso but it would appear from his previous posts he became a tad annoyed with the self righteous delusion on here, propagated and unsubstantiated beliefs with a childlike prove it are tiresome.
That view is held by Russia concerning all their nefarious acts, a “prove it” aggressive retort is given, they even deny sending troops in to the Donbass region, cluster bombs denials (made in Russia) and their inside work with Trump concerning elections, I can’t prove Lord Lucan is dead but I’m pretty sure he is, same with Elvis.
Childlike and hides a more sinister view of my enemies enemy is my friend ie the British state/Government and establishment is my enemy.


He was annoyed at that. That is not why he left. Ask @SaintBristol to provide more details.