:bbc: The BBC

:bbc: The BBC


Google? Is that all you have?


I’m not claiming anything other than the BBC is more impartial than RT. They’re not paid by Westminster for a start.


Show where they are more impartial.
After your previous statements that should be simple enough.


I have said, both left and right think they’re either left or right mouthpieces. Snowflakes or Royal lovers.


What do you think about Julian Assange? You? Not Google. Or the BBC. What do you think about Julian Assange and Wikileaks. How do you view wikileak’s position in investigative journalism? Why do you think Julian Assange is being held captive?


President Trump has surrounded himself with convicted felons and his enterprises are under investigation.

National Security Advisor Michael Flynn - pleaded guilty. [1]
President Trump’s Personal Attorney Michael Cohen - pleaded guilty. [2]
Foreign Policy Advisor George Papadopoulos - pleaded guilty. [3]

  • Deputy Campaign Chairman Richard Gates - pleaded guilty. [4]
  • Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort - convicted on 8 Federal counts. [5]
  • The Trump Foundation is under investigation.[6]
  • The Trump Organization is under investigation and may face criminal charges.[7]
  • The Trump Organization’s CFO Allen Weisselberg was granted immunity.[8]
  • A good friend of President Trump, David Pecker, has been granted immunity by Federal Prosecutors. Why is that important?[9]


Roger Stone, Wikileaks, Guccifer 2.0, and Russian military intelligence GRU

Two[1] Roger Stone aides were subpoenaed a couple of months ago by Special Counsel Mueller.[2] During the 2016 Presidential campaign Roger Stone[3] made constant braggadocious statements about his ties to Guccifer 2.0, the DNC hacker, and Wikileaks. While Roger Stone has attempted to downplay his communication with Guccifer 2.0, he has admitted to have been in contact with the DNC hacking suspect.[4]

July 13, 2018 Special Counsel Mueller indicts 12 Russian Intelligence Officers that work for the GRU - Russia’s military intelligence agency. This was a military operation conducted by the Russian state.[5]

We also know that Special Counsel Mueller has been asking questions about whether or not President Trump knew of the hacked DNC emails before they were released. They’ve asked about the relationship between GOP operative Roger Stone and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, and why Trump took policy positions favorable to Russia.[6] WikiLeaks should be considered an extension of Russia’s 2016 disinformation campaign,[7] we know that WikiLeaks shared material hacked by the GRU.[8]

Several close confidants of Roger Stone have been subpoenaed by Special Counsel Mueller.

A few months ago long time Roger Stone friend and former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg was subpoenaed by Special Counsel Mueller, it asks for all communications/correspondence with Carter Page, Corey Lewandowski, Donald J. Trump, Hope Hicks, Keith Schiller, Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, Roger Stone, and Steve Bannon dating back to 2015.[9]

Roger Stone has been a target of this investigation for quite some time, he has tried to get ahead of a potential indictment by claiming he is ready to be indicted and that the Russian collusion scandal is a hoax.[10]

A report by the Wall Street Journal confirmed that Roger Stone sought damaging information on Hillary Clinton from Julian Assange during the campaign.[11] The liaison between Assange and Stone, radio host and comedian Credico, was subpoenaed by Special Counsel Mueller in Novermber of 2017.[12]

Last week Andrew Miller’s attorneys and Special Counsel Mueller’s team met in a sealed D.C. courtroom, Miller is a former aide to Roger Stone and is fighting a subpoena.[13] As this article points out, " [t]hat quest was shot down in a 93-page ruling Thursday by U.S.District Chief Judge Beryl Howell. "[14]


This is a great copy paste SB but has no relevance.



Show me a wikileaks lie and I’ll show you a Guardian lie. Q?uid pro quo. You start.


That’s like a religious bloke saying prove there is a god


I’m an atheist.


If you can’t see that Assange is politically motivated then that’s your problem not mine


You’re so full of shit Barry.

Take my challenge then. It’s going to be a walk in the park(if you believe what you spout). If you know the BBC can’t be trusted, ignore again.


No. Assange is a political prisoner…If you think that should be batted around as a trivial matter then you are a massive fucking cunt.


As has every president in living history.
What’s the point?


Political prisoner? Like Mandela?


How’s it being going since July?
Might prove enlightening(don’t know, just guessing. It’s been going on forever and got absolutely nowhere)


I am a massive cunt though :grinning:


What the absolute fuck are you on about? Take a minute.