:bbc: The BBC

:bbc: The BBC


Also this is a massive slur on the integrity of another excellent journalist. So far you have questioned the validity of Pilger,Hersch,Fisk, Parry and Curtis. Any journalists you respect?


You say, very confidentiality, that RT are worse.
As i’ve said, it may be true, but i doubt it.
I have offered to put that to the test.
By omitting any evidence and continuing to do anything to avoid a simple test of honesty between state sponsored publications, you destroy your own argument.
Keep it up.

Sorry @pap not one open mention of the BBC. It is the point though.


And I said the bombing in Syria with carpet bombs.
Their reporters left on air SOS, please watch, does that happen on the BBC?




Try RT Russia. I’m still guessing, but a news organisation will broadcast mainly about subjects that their audience are interested in.


Anti establishment figures, sure they may search for the truth but as SOS said what is the truth?
You want balance, is Pilger balanced on RT?


Anti establishment figures? What do you want? The opinion of the establishment? Are you honestly saying that you would rather believe Keunssberg, Marr and Neil than Fisk, Pilger and Hersch?
edit: you’re a reasonable man bazza, weigh up the bullshit. Who would you put your money on?


Opinions are fine Barry. It’s when they use lies and deliberate misinterpretations. That’s what you’re defending.
Your pathetic Luke Harding/Elliott Higgins attempt at false stigmatisation of Robert Parry showed that you’re a true believer.


Not at all, I want balance, Pilger gives an anti establishment view which is fine and brilliant but its his version of the truth, there isn’t just one.


I don’t know where to start with that…


It’s really not worth trying to discuss things Baz. It’s like playing tennis against a brick wall.


How’s that Assange story looking SB? Still have every faith in the Guardian fact checking?


Which story is that mate?


The Guardian’s Mannafort/Assannge story which you placed so much faith in saying: “Russia Today” yes that impartial news source, which in no way has any links at all to the Kremlin. I hope they try and sue The Guardian as they will have fact checked anything that goes to print.


It was the first thing I googled, And the Guardian will be legally watertight, otherwise they wouldn’t have published it.


Has anyone else published the story?


Are you relying on Google for your evidence?


Try googling Manafort, Deutsche Bank and Assange :slight_smile:


And Ukraine


Your deliberate lies about Robert Parry, or the fabrications of the BBC(on topic, so although i’d love to do the other, it has to be the bullshitting BBC). The challenge you won’t take, for some reason(lack of trust in the BBC?).
I state that the BBC promote blatant, false Propaganda(regularly), on a greater scale than RT.
Over to you Barry. Give us something to back up your claims, or admit that the BBC are like a shit Fox/CNN hybrid.