:bbc: The BBC

:bbc: The BBC


I was merely saying I’d have the beeb over the Kremlin Times, they lie, distort and propagate smoke and mirrors.


The beeb?


I’m happy to accept that, but that still paints the BBC in a far worse picture and the panorama Salisbury fabrication takes some beating(funnily enough, i can think of another panorama that tops it for deliberate lies). It’s pure unadulterated propaganda from start to finish.
Again, your words, intentional or not, describe the BBC far better than than RT.

Distortion and propaganda is the modus operandi of BBC news(look at who they employ in decision making positions for their news).


I’ll finish with this.

If RT is about the current events in Russia why does Russia feature so little in nearly programs on there?
Europe, the EU, Middle East and basically everything else features but Russia, its a distorted truth and one thats laughable propaganda.
A drinking game well worth playing if you can handle it is every time a hack says “Western propaganda” you neck a beer.
Its a laughable thing with absolutely no credibility.


Not as bad as the RT’s interview with the lads who were afraid of slushy snow and couldn’'t wait to see the World famous spire…

Do me a favour.


Do me a favour, Barry. Discuss the BBC here.

I have no idea why we are not discussing our own state broadcaster. @Saint-or-sinner, please don’t encourage him.

This Every Which Way You Can multi-topic bar fight is getting quite fucking tedious and must make anyone new visiting the site think “fuck that for a game of soldiers”


But if it’s so easy, i’m willing to take that challenge. I don’t read/watch either, but i’m that sure.
So back up your claims. I’ve given you the Salisbury farce revisited courtesy of no facts panorama.
Have RT ever been so blatant(i honestly have no idea)?


Watch it SOS, you’ll genuinely laugh, cringe and come away confused, this is designed.

Liz Wahl, have a look.


Maybe we should have a Bazzism thread/depository?


Yeah sorry, i am trying to use Barry’s :pray: to compare similar sponsored material(see, even modern Western language), but failing.
You can’t argue with :pray: that’s about all i’ve learnt.


So you’re not disputing that the BBC are bar far the worse, evidence free propagandists?
Thread solved.
Thank you @Barry-Sanchez


I’m not saying anything of the sort.


But you can’t show any reason for your blind faith. Watch the Salisbury farce revisited and get back to me about the BBC?


Liz Wahl is an interesting case Baz but has nothing to do with the BBC. Care to start an RT thread?


And? That doesn’t mean the WHOLE of the BBC is corrupt, many people criticised it and probably on a BBC website, can you see that happening concerning RT?


Could do, Abby Martin?


But there is loads of good stuff on RT. John Pilger, George Galloway , Lee Camp. Just as not all of BBC is shit, nor is RT. No?


Just none of it mentions Russia, it mentions other World events, its a distraction and the names like Pilger are falling for it, has Pilger stated anything anti Putin whilst there?

Its crap.


Has the beeb stated anything anti GB?


How do you mean? We can openly criticise the Government and policies, the BBC isn’t a mouthpiece for the Government and right at the start of this I said the bellwether is the left and right moan about conspiracy so its doing something right.
The policy has always been neutral and for a corporation I think its better than most, not perfect but what is?