:bbc: The BBC

:bbc: The BBC


I’d trust the BBC over the state sponsored RT, that is what I said.

RT is just the narrative of the Kremlin. You’d probably opt for that then…


If the left and right complain about the BBC they’re doing ok.


We didn’t go into the Donbass region, what was the reporting like on that?

If it was around I’d love to have seen the footage from them leaving Afghanistan.
Or the fall of the wall.


You’ve just ignored what I said and repeated your undying blind faith.
Well done you.


You lost me at the word trust. You’re stupid if you trust either. What you need to do is listen to what they’re saying, weigh it up with your own understanding of the world, and work out how much of it is bollocks.

It’s not hard. It just requires remembering the shit that goes down and comparing it with what they say now, and competing evidence from elsewhere.

Case in point. Parliament famously voted down involvement in Syria because it had no evidence that Assad had ordered the chemical attacks. In 2018, the BBC treats Syrian guilt as a point of truth on the Today show.

As I said, it’s really not hard.


No I haven’t, I said I’d have the BBC over RT, I didn’t say the BBC didn’t make mistakes, RT is a propaganda tool to push the Kremlin’s agenda, it even reports to the Kremlin.


And I do weigh it up, I didn’t say they’re infallible did I? They’re supposed to be neutral, RT doesn’t even hide its not.


Is this truth, lies or somewhere in-between and Kasparov’s view and opinion?


Hence RT would win the bet(that Barry is ignoring). Playing the narrative, but sticking to facts, trumps* blatant, obvious lies.
Panorama is perfect illustration. Pure propaganda from start to finish. Also the middle class travel cunt. His journey through Moscow(a beautiful city) was so selective anyone would think it was a shanty town.
*It’s great what else that word represents now, purely for the sake of propaganda. Truth and reality are strange things.


Barry still hasn’t chosen his football team.


Its a Kremlin mouthpiece, thats what I said, you’re hardly going to get anything critical from it against Putin are you?
From that perspective the BBC is far more reliable at least.


So, as i said and @pap as well. They are both there for a reason. Only difference, one promotes facts that suit them. The other lies Blatantly.
Have you worked out which is which yet?


Barry has ‘invested’ in his licence fee. His colours are nailed to his master’s mast.


Is this the same RT that said the English football fans started the trouble against the Russian hooligans in Euro 2016?


Or the use of cluster bombs in Syria? RT (Kremlin) denied this.


That’s very weak Barry. Please try harder.


Maybe so but it carries more truth than RT.


Cluster bombs. Who’s been shown to still produce, sell(to regimes that break sells restrictions) and use them against civilians of countries that they were not at war with(under international law)?


I don’t know Russia against Syrian civilians?


Barry, can you please keep your discussion on this thread constrained to the context of the BBC?

I don’t want this to become another interminable panto shitfest. If you haven’t anything substantive to say that you haven’t said endless times before, can you fuck off to your Russian Aggression thread please?

It’s infesting the fucking site, and if you don’t reel it in, you’ll be silenced on threads where you transgress. We can do that now.

This isn’t about limiting your freedom of speech. It’s about not having the same bollocks on every fucking thread. Thanks.