:bbc: The BBC

:bbc: The BBC


If there was ever any doubt that the BBC spins for the Tories:

Good fucking Lord. Can you imagine if a Corbyn led Government had just lost 3 votes and been found in contempt of Parliament? He’d have been tarred and feathered by now.


They basically are the Tory Party. A revolving door between political editors, journalists etc going from the BBC to the party and vice versa.


Pretty sure that standard response to any news organisation who publishes an article you don’t agree with is to accuse them of bias depending upon your own political slant.its just one step away from shouting fake news.


You say “fake news” like it isn’t a credible claim.

It was credible long before Trump started spouting off.

Everyone I’ve talked to about the present government is amazed that it is still present. We’ve had George Osborne’s best mate in charge of BBC News in the last eight years.


There is a difference between fake news ie it is wrong and fake news - I don’t agree with the opinion


That’s just it. News shouldn’t be a televised opinion piece, and yet that is precisely what it has become. Bias in the media is far from a few disaffected people moaning that their view is not being articulated. It’s something that academic institutions have tried to take an objective look at, and have found our media wanting.

We have the lowest trust in our media of any European country, and the reason we don’t trust them is because they lie so much.


I watched a bit of Politics Live earlier today (I am that bored). On BBC. The Tory got a serious bashing, the labour MP was praised and the presenters (not the MP) then spent some minutes discussing how Labour should best present itself in the days ahead of the Brexit vote, in order to best appeal to the nation. They even said “whilst its not our job to help Labour form it’s policies”, before continuing.

Make of that what you will.


I’ve spent months away from the BBC because of its obvious agenda, its peddling of lies or gross exaggerations and the plants in Question Time that went to very expensive schools talking about how great zero hours contracts are.

Just recently, we’ve had the fake vicar - demonstrating either complete incompetence or pre-meditated malfeasance on the part of its flagship “serious news” program.

Then consider its radio counterpart, the inexplicably feted Today Programme, and hear them treating five year old unproven speculation about as if it were true today, insulting anyone with a working long term memory.

It’s a raucous cacophony of propaganda.


If both sides of the political divide say the BBC is shite and biased then they’re doing alright.


Only if you ignore all known facts.
Keep the faith :pray:


Says the man watching RT and reading sputnik…


More lies Barry. I have posted once from RT and as far as i’m aware, never from the other. Although more honest than western media, there are far more reliable sources available, so i don’t read them, just like the bollocks you disengage all logic for.
Your single attempt at trying to dispute anything i have posted was Robert Parry. Would you like to go back over what you falsely claimed?
No one could accuse you of not being religious in your beliefs. Maybe that’s not such a good thing though.


They’re the same things really, state sponsored agenda driven news for the gullible to view the Russians possibly in a different light.


So as reliable as the BBC then.
Glad we’ve cleared that up, at fucking last.


I’d rather have the BBC than RT and so would you.


No, as it has been proven that RT(yes Russia Today) is more honest than the fully propagandised BBC.
Open your eyes to reality Barry(if you’re pay packet allows such). Our media are at probably their lowest ever point for honesty. How can you continually ignore the obvious(unless you’re a goldfish)?


Where has that been proved? RT has to answer to the Kremlin and is owned by the Russian state, truth? It depends on where your agenda is, what did RT say about the Donbass region and the Russians being there?
Gary Kasparov? Why don’t the Kremlin like him? Is he a Western puppet?


Nah, I think @Saint-or-sinner will probably realise that he can watch both if he wants to.

Choice of news channel isn’t like choosing a football team or spouse, Bazza :smiley:


Goldfish or Parrot?
It’s hard to tell sometimes.
You just described the BBC, but if you think you’re sure show where they are wrong and i’ll prove the BBC are worse.
That’ll do surely(if you believe what you say), as i’m offering to back a publication that i wouldn’t advise anyone to trust.


They’re both propagandists. They’re both trying to make an intended target look bad when reporting on the other country. The only real difference is how they go about it.

BBC does stuff like the extremely dodgy Skripal story uncritically from an investigative point of view.

RT does stuff like “hey Brits, check out how your foreign policy actually works”.

RT would be nothing without the grim ammunition we provide it with.