:bbc: The BBC

:bbc: The BBC


I see that R4 hosted Raheem Kassam today, not mentioning his ties to Breitbart, and allowing him to praise Tommy Robinson unchallenged.

I’ve never really been a R4 listener, but this would be enough to have me switching off.


Fox News?


Sorry, I agree with some of your post, at least the part about every news source being partial.

The BBC doesn’t try to be impartial. It calls itself independent, but that’s never really been the case. The BBC is quite simply, propaganda.

And yes, you can say that for all other news sources.

The difference is that no other broadcaster will get you locked up for not buying their propaganda.


Try counterpunch.org, for a start.


If it is propaganda, which agenda are they trying to promote? The left (e.g. you) say it is propaganda but then, so do the right (e.g. DailyMail readers).

Can I listen to counterpunch while lying in bed, getting ready for work, making breakfast for the kids? Is counterpunch not also just more propaganda?


Just taken a look - it’s packed full of irritatingly emotive language. Looks very much like propaganda to me but just the kind of propaganda you happen to enjoy.


Yes, I heard this interview and was surprised enough to look him up and do some fact checking. I imagine the interview won’t go unchallenged and suspect that, soon there will be some discussion of whether he shouldn’t have been more rigorously interviewed or, at least, his credentials should have been laid bare. I imagine this will be discussed on the Today programme.


The war economy agenda, the pro Israel lobby agenda, the people on benefits are scum agenda, the Jeremy Corbyn agenda, the anti Russian agenda. Historically, you had the Hillsborough agenda, the IRA agenda.

Please don’t tell me you watch that crap and think “hey hey! these are facts I’m taking in”.

And for the record, you can listen to Counterpunch; they have a podcast. Why would you, though? You’re smart enough to have read it all enough to decry it.

Finally, it’s all propaganda, and it’s all agenda. Start there and you’ll become a smarter human being.


Don’t tell me you sit there and think ‘hey, hey, this is all lies I’m watching’ :roll_eyes:

The thing is, I see a critical debate about all these things across the BBC. War economy? Well, there is also plenty of criticism of Britain’s role in supporting wars around the world. Pro-Israel? Well, there is plenty of criticism of Israel’s activities in Palestine. Jeremy Corbyn? I think he’s doing a pretty good job of that himself but I’ve heard some robust interviewing of all his enemies (mostly Labour Party members lol) on the Beeb. Anti-Russian? I’m not going to get involved in conspiracy theories about the Salisbury poisonings but I think most people would say the actions of the Russian state in the Ukraine and Georgia and their actions in Chechnya are problematic.

Also, I can see where this is going. You’re going to go on and on and on about the Beeb being some kind of conspiracy for something or other ad nauseum.

As for telling me how to be a smarter human being (loltastic) how about you try to learn to be a slightly less patronising human being. Tough, I know, but have a go matey - little steps is the way.


Lol… You are not a smart human being.


Nope, but I never sit there thinking I’m being told the complete truth. Sins of omission are just as bad.

I don’t think you watch or listen to the BBC. We’ve had the worst violence in Palestine since 2014 and there has been next to no coverage. The organisation has often been censured for its bias on the issue.

I’ve listed a number of issues regarding this bias. Doesn’t come from nowhere, and you’ve failed to address any of the times I’ve listed satisfactorily.

I try, but many of the human beings I interact with are not that smart. Don’t get me wrong. They’ve got the mental capacity; they just don’t know how to use it anymore.


Come on, you can do it Pap. Baby steps, one at a time. Go on, don’t give up. You never know, you may become a better human being.


I’m unsurprisingly in the @pap camp(not the personal bit), for the simple reason, that although they debate whether they should have done something differently, it doesn’t matter after the fact, the seed has been sown(best propaganda tool known).
Ask anyone about nerve agents and what’s the first thing they say? Ukraine? Syria? White helmets? Isreal? Corbyn? Antisemitism?
Now go and read a good selection of European and Asian media on all these subjects. It might make you wonder.
Our thoughts are led and pictures(moving or not) never leave your head.
Duracell bunny(bet you all got a picture in your head).


There are others that deserve your attention more than I, @Bathsaint.

How’s about the lads that cwy because they get patwonised after saying widicilous fings?

They need you first, sir. Some are very close to home.


Come on mate, don’t let this set back throw you off. Pick Yourself up and try again. I might be alone in thinking this but I reckon you’ve got it in you to pull through this. :+1:

Remember, never give up, there’s a lad! _


Yeah, that’s basically the same post three times in a row.

Given that it was unimpressive the first time, I’ve now got a mental image of one of those fucking bores that tells a joke, laughs at their own joke, is surprised when no-one laughs, and then spends the next five minutes imagining all that heard it must have been deaf, asking everyone “did you hear what I said?!”.

It’s not a great look.



Being a massive twat isn’t a great look, mate.

Just saying…


I cannot watch the news anymore nor would I listen to it on the radio. In the most part because it’s the same news rolling on and on, until the next big thing. I have a bit of a look on line. Read a few articles. Maybe someone I follow or know has shared something I’ll have a look.
I tried a few non mainstream sites such as the canary but just felt they were a bit biased too.


There’s bias everywhere. It’s impossible not to be. The necessary sin of omission is always going to occur.

I remember one of the few interesting questions I was posed in uni. It was during a module on chaos theory and fractals. The question was “what is the length of the UK coastline?”.

It really depends on what your lowest common denomination of measurement is. If the minimum thing you measure is say, a metre, then you’re going to cut corners, not measure it all. If you measure it in terms of centimetres, then you’re taking a lot more of the shape of the thing into account, all the nooks and crannies. The length of the coastline suddenly changes, and will do every time you narrow your focus and take in more of the detail.

We generally get the same half hour of news, even on channels that are exclusively news. That broadcast is supposed to provide a digest of every important event in the UK and the world at large.

Even it it were utterly impartial, it would still be “measuring” the world in easy to digest five minute bulletins, which is a bit like measuring the coastline of the United Kingdom using a 500 mile minimum measurement unit.

The BBC has never been impartial, but it has never been worse on the news front than it is now. It utterly fucking saddens me to see it as such an active purveyor of disinformation, because it has been allowed to be brave before.

FWIW, I think the BBC had genuine teeth before the Iraq War. It had those teeth kicked out after the Hutton inquiry, was a partial propaganda arm during the New Labour years, and has become a total one since the Tories took control.

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