:bbc: The BBC

:bbc: The BBC


Oh, totally. I mean they’ve promoted her prob over people with two arms, who might be better at the job, i.e. holding up paintings of twirlywoos that Olivia, 4, from Stourbridge has done, but I’m all for it.

There was a kid at our school with a Stump Arm, and cos I’d never seen a Stump Arm, I found it Quite Funny. And he was always a bit off balance, so we used to spend Quite A Lot of our school days pushing him over, which is Bad. But now, right, kids today if they saw a stump arm, they would just think, Oh, a Stump Arm, that’s quite normal. This is a normal person, except prob they hold paintings crooked, but that’s ok too. Which is Progress.


Can I put a vote in for Channel 5 being more shit than ITV? Have to say never felt that they promote more women’s football but then not often in the sports section.


It may just be something that I am more sensitive to, or I may be totally off the mark here, it’s just something I have recognised.


I don’t think I’ve ever watched much Channel 5. I think the only time it is on in our house is during Big Brother, and that is my cue to depart to one of my dens.


High Art of the Low Countries. Just great TV. Gotta love BBC4.


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BBC Radio 4 Today, its flagship “news” programme, has lost over 800k listeners in the past year.

I’m one of them.


I wake up to it every morning as it’s on my radio Alarm clock. I switch it off immediately and have been doing so for years.


So back to where it was in 2016 then.


Dear Pap.

I’ve seen editorial comments but nobody says why people have tuned out.


I can’t speak for all, but personally, I found it maddening. They have been shit for so long that unproven 2013 speculation is treated as 2018 fact.

They’re lying fuckers. A plague on all their houses.


I see that Radio 5/ Nicky Campbell has also lost a few hundred thousand. It seems news programmes have lost out to music. There’s a bit in that report saying that the news is slow and that’s a contributory factor… not sure about that at all.

Maybe the news is just too depressing? I don’t listen to radio 4 in the morning as much as I used to because they started to have a feature where listeners set maths challenges and I fucking hated it.


You’re just putting 2 and 2 together and reaching the wrong conclusion.


It did always “amaze” me how the msm only ever focus on bad news.
When you add that to fake news no wonder people give up.
Last Thursday, the lead story on Newsbeat was some “geezer” telling everyone how 27.2C was “killing” him.
No, they could not be bothered to resear h or visit true “at risk” people, they just found some geezer on the street innit.
So even my eyebrows were raised.
Next day the news was how to take advantage of the heat. Buy a winter overcoat. Buy a Christmas Tree. Meanwhile hundreds were dead or missing in Lombok and real stuff was happening - like Germany running out of beer


You could say that about all news sources though, couldn’t you - which begs the question, what are we to believe?

Every news source is partial - some considerably so. At least the Beeb tries to aim for impartiality and is self-reflective. The hand-wringing can become a bit much but it is certainly better than the arrogance of many news sources.

The one thing I find annoying is the time given to very minority views in the name of balance. An example that springs to mind is the space given to that fucker Andrew Wakefield and his MMR hoax. But even this issue (minority interests sometimes being given too much space) is debated and discussed across the Beeb.

Overall, in terms of impartiality in reporting the news, I reckon they’re the best we’ve got. They’re not, by any means perfect, but certainly better than most other news outlets.


You could just read overseas (non US) English news sources @Bathsaint


Personally I read the BBC, Guardian, Daily Mail & Gulf News web sites. That about covers all angles.
Everything else I rely on The Daily Mash.


Such as?