The Automatic Saints News Thread - DISCUSSION

The Automatic Saints News Thread - DISCUSSION


So His papship has unleashed the beast of The Automatic Saints News Thread. We both realise that it will need considerable tuning to make it useful, so I’d like to capture any discussions about that thread in this thread.


The first thing I noticed was the amount of news that initially got posted. Most of that content was a catch-up from stories over the last couple of days, so we shouldn’t see that level of news hitting until a major news story breaks.

If/when that does happen I fear we will just drown in news stories that all cover the same ground. We’re thinking about a way to make it easier to scan, and then jump into an article.

What might help is if posters could up-vote articles that seem better than others and if any articles are of poor quality or are simply click-bait, then please down-vote those. I’ll try to use this feedback to prioritise the content that gets sent through.


papster, can we give Optimus Trousers his own avatar?

Something like this should do the trick.


Do you want me to post my ITK stuff straight into this thread or to keep with the current system?


It’ll be interesting to see how long it takes Optimus Trousers to catch up with the stories you get from your ITK sources.

Between you and me, Toke, you’ve got between 5:00 and 9:59 minutes to get your ITK news in during the latency between my software finding the news and pap’s software posting it.


The old sory of man versus machine Bletch.

Terminator Papsweb style


pap, would it be possible to collapse the Optimus Trousers post text by default, and then either a) let people expand the text to read it, or perhaps if it’s been liked, it might be expanded by default for future viewers?

I’m thinking about using Bootstrap collapse or accordion.

Then again, I don’t know if you’ve got that much control you over the front end display.


I think we’ve got to reconcile having one big bloody thread with not having Latest Discussions dominated by Skynet threads.


I read the story about Danny Welbeck, Ox and Ryan and thought, well that’s where Ryan will be next then. It was a very sweet story about their extended holiday and partying at the Wireless Festival. For one moment I thought Welbeck was joining us and Ox was returning!

I like this, even if a little depressing read for Saints fans at the moment!


Agreed, but I think we can make the posts by Optimus trousers easier to scan. (I’m sorry papster, but I edited OT’s name so that the Trousers was in lower case. Anal? Moi?). I also couldn’t resist giving him a location text.

If the content was folded away, but the headline and the link were visible, it would allow everyone, but specifically mobile/tablet visitors to expand the articles they want to read, and skip past those they don’t.


I hope he doesn’t get a Shy Tory badge.


Without wanting to shit on the memory of a saviour, I’d like to see Markus as half-human, half-cyborg.

A la…


Hey that would make a good storyline: heartbroken, grieving daughter turns to the murky services of Tony Stark and uses her inherited billions to resurrect her father. Iron Marcus becomes the new chairman of Saints and leads them to Champions League glory whilst clashing with former best friend Oddjob Cortese.


Maybe he looks like Davros in the bottom half of the waving picture.


I have visited that thread. It’s full of shit stories that I can’t be arsed to read. It’s basically like looking at Newsnow and instead of selecting the stories you want to read (usually about 1 or 2 at most) you are confronted with all of the stories and it’s overwhelming and slightly tedious because many of the stories are just repeats of what has already been said.

now, before anyone gets all moody, I shan’t be visiting that thread, I’m just sharing my thoughts about it. If others like it, then lovely, but if everyone else thinks it’s shit and pointless then maybe it should be deleted. Sotonians should have a vote after a week or two.


Problem you’ve got is i.e. Daily Mail does a story that i.e. Toby is going to Spurs, and then in the next hour you have 20 articles from 20 different new leaches, rehashing the same ‘story’, in an ‘According to Daily Mail…’ fashion.

Dunno if you can do anything bout that tho.

Edit: Soz I see beltch is On Top Of That Situation


Data droid stll saying Toby to Spurs, I got an ITK text to say he will sign for Spurs. If I win, I vote we destroy the drop before it takes over.


So you and Armstrong are in agreement? Why would we destroy Armstong when you’re saying the same thing? I vote to destroy you.


Anyone else picking up tensions in the Bearsy/Tokyo/Fatso love triangle?


There is no triangle here, Lou. Fatso is round.