The 2017 Sotonians Awards Thread

The 2017 Sotonians Awards Thread


Please submit your suggestions for award categories here.


The Snowflake award for lily livered Liberals and wet fannies.


Chinese Whisperer award for most/least ITK on all that is SFC.


Biggest cock


Can I have another username consonant related award please, Carol?


The regularly listens to the voices in his/her head award


The person most likely to have bodies buried under the patio award


…AND…the person most likely to be buried under the patio.


We shoudld have biggest cunt as well then - and I am not just saying this to be in with a shout of a gong - in fact plenty in the running for this :lou_wink_2:


… BUT should any year end additional reward points be added to THIS year’s totals for a final leaderboard? Rather than folks ending up with an impossible lead going into the new season? Starting 2000 points behind on 1st Jan makes it impossible to get into the Champions league places - sort it out Soviet!


Let us soviet just get on the Papline and sort that out for you. Have faith in our powers, I am like spiderman on pap pills.

Also, completely unrelated. The let’s pretend it didn’t happen Soviet award sponsored by Pap and his unresigned enabler Bletch.



spunk bear




Top stuff Tokes… let me know when I can apply for chief cordon opener to the VIP champagne suite - happy tohumble and lose all self respect to crawl up the Soviet collective arse to gain favour as necessary


You haven’t seen our arses. Believe me, it’ll be a very long crawl for precious little reward.


The lone horseman of the apocalypse award…


I want the award for staying safe in the face of adversity and putting up with all sorts of crap from co-workers

Although @intiniki may push hard for this one.


The 'Barry Sanchez, Barry Snachez Barry Sanchez Repetive poster award? Although there may be only one serious contender?


The Alpine_Saint award for the most miserable and negative poster of the year.


The still being able to post award for the Friday Thread.

It sprang to mind as we are having a Pizza Night :wink: again and I can hardly see the screen.


An award thread.

Guess we may see the bear return from his Champagne Room hibernation.


The poster with the innate ability to fuck a teams results up by starting the match threads…