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Yes Ant, that looks just as good as the first one.

My wife just just got a tattoo of a sea shell on her inner thigh, when I put my ear to it I can smell the sea.

I have just pissed myself.

As have I - I genuinely LOLed.

MrsGA was asking why i was rolling around on the floor… she merely tutted and went ‘how old…’ i was still laughing. :lou_lol:


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I’m intrigued as to how they got the brush stroke effect from a tattoo gun (if that’s the right term)

Me too, to be honest - and I’ve watched the artist do it twice.

Due to him having to work the coloured areas over and over and over again, it sends your white blood cells into overdrive. When I took the clingfilm off last night, the plasma had mixed with the excess ink to form a lovely gooey layer. Looked like I’d dipped my arm in a vat of purple spunk.

… And if **that ** won’t convince you to get a tattoo…


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Due to him having to work the coloured areas over and over and over again

Ah, sorry, thought you were UK resident after all the ale business. Didn’t realise you were South African based.


No, sorry, self-imposed disfigurement ain’t my thing.


Really don’t see the attraction of having huge parts of your body covered in tatts. A couple of small dicreet ones are ok I guess. I did toy with getting A small Halo Stickman (Not THE Halo Stickman!!) on my arm or shoulder, but decided not to, same as toying with getting an earring (but opted out, never could remember which is the acceptable ear to do!!)

If I was a young gun now, I would find it hilarious to have, just above my navel, in very very small writing … "If you can read this, you’ve probably got my knob in your gob … thank you :wink: "


Nice and , as said, unique Tats. First reminds me of a Cult album cover for some reason. Very cool to be inked by your favourite artist. What does it say under Puff the magic dragon ? Can’t quite make it out.

I don’t have the physique for a Tat but if I did I’d want something a bit left field like these.


New one looks great, just like the previous, ant.

Serious envy. Still no movement/too cowardly to do anything about mine. Despite having something in mind I think I want.


wasn’t there a joke when we got promoted to the Prem about Danny Fox? Something like ‘the only thing Premier League about Danny Fox are his tattoos’.




Wtf is this all about?


She’s American which explains a lot. Does she know that Harry is rumoured to be shagging the Radio 1 DJ who used to do the breakfast show and embarrassed himself weekly on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’? I think she should be told.


Seems it was a fake

Self centred narcissist- but it got publicity