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Interested to hear what you lot think about tattoos. Do you have any? Do you regret it at all? Would you get any more? Any horror stories?

I was inked for the first time at the weekend and found it a surprisingly pleasant experience. I’ve thought about having something done for years and was fortunate to meet my favourite artist about 18 months ago. Upon realising that he’s also an accomplished tattooist, I set him to task in designing something based upon my specific wants.

He nailed the brief and so last Saturday I found myself in a tattoo studio in Southsea, of all places (the artist’s based in Bath but was handily doing a brief guest spot closer to home). Apparently it’s not normal to sit for 5 or so hours in one stretch (especially not on the first go) but it wasn’t as painful as I was expecting.

The end result’s shown below. While I appreciate it’s unlikely to sync with everybody’s opinion of ‘art’, it’s certainly mine. I don’t have any worries about the permanence because even if my taste changes (and it’s been consistent thus far in life), it bookends a specific period of my life. Also it’s a pretty bloody unique style - essentially looks painted-on. The resident tattooists kept coming up to check out the work in progress, commenting that it doesn’t look especially tattoo-like.

  • No strong opinion.
  • Love 'em. A strong, permanent expression of self.
  • Fashion-craze that’ll keep tattoo removal experts in work for decades to come.
  • Not too bothered (or don’t want one) but I’ve seen some great designs.
  • Was a fan at one stage, but less so now.
  • Dirty tramp stamps. Best left to adorn savages and miscreants.

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I do dig a good tattoo. Problem is, they can and very often do look fucking awful.

ive wanted one for a while, but I’m fucked if I know what I want. Love the idea of a sleeve, but I’d look a complete prat. As if the long hair and beard isn’t enough, eh?

really like that though, does look more painted on than a tattoo usually does.

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Like the idea of tattoos, unfortunately a catastrophic needle phobia prevents any further progress

I have a couple of small tats and I like the subtle ones. I just wonder what the big ones are going to look like when the tattooee is older. Cheryl Cole (or whatever her name is now for example) when she is older he back and arse or going to look awful.

The most distinctive tattoo I ever saw was on the forehead of a character who lived in a neighbouring town. It was simple but highly effective and consisted of just 2 words: FUCK OFF.

I imagine he’d done it himself, or perhaps got a ‘mate’ to do it, because I can’t believe a professional tattoo artist would have agreed to do it; mind you, it was the 70s, so who knows?

But, in the main, I’m not a fan of tattoos, especially poorly done ones that look like ugly large black blobs from any sort of distance.

That’s a shame, CB. If it helps, I spent most of the time looking away whilst mine was done - and in most areas there was little more than a mild discomfort. Certainly not enough for your body to figure out that a minor penetration of the skin is underway. Although it was a slightly different story on the inner bicep and around the shoulder…

It’s a stretch, but perhaps it would be possible to convince yourself that no needles are involved? :wink:

They aren’t really needles in the sense that you may expect. It’s more like a whirring pen really.

KRG - I’ve seen plenty of utterly shite tattoos, including the common ‘footballer’ ones. I hand-on-heart believe there’s a style to suit most people. Knowing what you’d want is quite a key aspect! If you’re truly interested, I’d attempt to find an artist whose work you like and go from there. Most worth their salt will have a portfolio - makes it a lot easier to start narrowing down what you’re after. If there’s significance to it then so much the better (although I’d stay well away from tragic things like couples tattoos).

I vote all 6 pretty much.

I am a wuss when it comes to needles but neither of mine caused me a problem (ok, they are not huge so I cant speak for a major job). Mrs SOG had one done in Turkey a couple of years back and passed out (no breakfast bless her).

Oh yes - my girlfriend (who already had a small tattoo done) made sure I took in a sugary drink and chocolate. Not sure whether it stopped me feeling woozy or if I’d have been fine anyway.

Still, I’ve had worse days than sitting on my bum all day, hanging out with the lady, listening to metal whilst scoffing my face and getting inked by my fave artist!

Thats a big piece for your first tat ant! I like it a lot. I’m more of a traditionalist myself but that looks shit hot.

Incidentally, that is possibly the least painful place for a tat. In the armpit. Now that is sore.

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i like that tattoo ant is it a fish i like fish too

Originally posted by @Goatboy

Thats a big piece for your first tat ant! I like it a lot. I’m more of a traditionalist myself but that looks shit hot.


I was 99.9% sure that I was doing the right thing and then as soon as he put the stencilled bit on my arm (the skull/black bit) it filled that teensy, tiny remaining doubt. Although it’s quite a large initial piece it is something I’d considered for several years. Plus it’s not an attention-seeker i.e. I know it’s generally less advisable to start at bottom of an arm from the word go.

He was a little surprised that I was able to cope with having the whole thing done at once. Given your experience, I’m guessing I’d have struggled more if it had been elsewhere!

Never gonna happen. I got the sweats when one of my colleagues was doing their diabetes test yesterday and I couldnt even see the bloody needle.

I think the key is to have something in mind for a while before you get it done. I have 3 small ones and I like them more and more all the time, but I waited 6 months with each to make sure I wanted it.

It sounds obvious, but if they mean something to you personally then I think that takes away the chance of regretting them later. I also drew a mockup of them (that looked pretty shite…) on with a pen to see what I thought.

I’m definitely going to get a few more in the coming years, it’s addictive in a very slow way… If that makes any sense. Oh, and I was 35 before I got my first one which felt like a good age to actually know what the hell I wanted!

Ant - that tattoo is great, really striking and different. I love the technique! I have a friend who wants something similar and might share yours with him if you don’t mind - for the ‘painted’ effect, not the design itself.


No a fan at all and find it a turn off, if a woman has a huge sketch all over a part of her body. Don’t mind small ones.

Footballers seem eek to just be a walking doddle pad these days. To much money and to much time on their hands!

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Not a fan…the worst for me is the sleeve. Just looks like a grubby arm in need of a good wash.

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Got one - see avatar - and really want another but the design has to be right. If I can’t find the design I want I won’t get another just for the sake of it.

Hypocritically I can’t stand them on women.

The thought of having a tattoo never appealed to me until I reached my mid thirties, and even then I never got around to getting one done. If i ever did have one then it’d just be a small one of something like the sun…doubt it’ll ever happen if I’m honest.

Sorry Ant but I think your tat looks shit, but then again I think all tats look shit.