🇸🇾 Syria


Its terrible that we give relevance and a platform to an unelected human rights abuser, I also feel strongly about Assad…


It’s terrible that the British continue to seek to assert the morale high ground over Governance when their own system is entirely corrupt and self serving and there are multiple indications of breaches of International Law, Domestic Law and pure Lies.


The FACT is the Arab Spring was a Western Democratic myth that has caused death and destruction on a scale FAR worse than any of the tyrants caused.
It failed and people live in fear and fllood into Europe as refugees and you don’t want to help them.

Perhaps a more intelligent option is to understand that approach HAS failed and to seek to work WITH all the parties in Syria and other “Failed States” to bring about a managed and negotiated change.
But then that often means Global Elite cannot make money from the weapons sales and McDonalds franchises etc.

Removing an entire National Infrastructure - "Government and Civil Services, State Organisms such as the Police and Military worked out really well for the majority of citizens in Iraq, and hasn’t taken hold in Afghanistan, and now you all moan about the cost of keeping troops in the messes you created.

(And by “you” I mean Western Globalised interests, not Bazza)


Nothing to see here
Except a massive U-turn and probable escalation

BBC News - US to expel every last Iranian boot from Syria - Pompeo






I think calling a country that has had only two presidents who happened to be related to each other and has not had free elections in decades a democracy is a bit far fetched. You could also argue that the ethnic lines of the civil war show how Dad and Son failed at building a viable nation state.


Or you could say that international interference has made a complete and utter shit show of what was actually a lovely country…


Well it was international interference that created it so yes I guess you’re right.


Multi candidate Presidental elections in 2014(observers from over 30 countries), Parliamentary elections in 2016 and local elections in 2018, show it is a democracy. Might be new to it, but one none the less. Will it last. No idea, but certain western countries are trying their hardest to make it fail.
There is no civil war and the sins of the father are not the sons fault(he was in London at the time, wasn’t he?). I’m sure every mistake he makes will be all over the press.
The initial problem in Syria was 3 years of drought causing big shortages. This was intensified by the western countries and Le Mesurier helmets(ethnic lines are fertile ground for this).
Who knows how things would have turned out if we had kept our rapey little fingers out of it. As usual though, we didn’t.


13,000 hangings.

By my innumerate back of the fag packet calculations that’s 9-10 a day (or thereabouts) everyday of the period quoted. OK they quote 50 a week. That’s dedication by the authorities and a heck of a lot of bodies to dispose of over that time.



I’m a bit conflicted about this one & heard her on the radio. Seems she isn’t particularly remorseful but wants to come back to the UK for the sake of the unborn child.

On one hand I think she was a young impressionable child when she left the UK but apart from the child angle she realises “the caliphate” is a busted flush and wants out. I get the feeling she would have stayed if it wasn’t.


She is British, she is also an enemy within, as law stands she can come back if she finds a way, we’re better than them in so many ways as would she or hers allow this? She needs to be safe stand trial and never see her child again until she is an adult as she could indoctrinate her.
She is polluted but we have to follow the law.
Fundamentalists should be laughed at for their medieval beliefs, superstitions and backward cultural attitudes.


Having listened to the interview, what struck me was the lack of remorse or regret. “i saw a head in a bucket, but it didnt faze me” WTF

She has no regrets, no remorse. She absolutely believes in the principles of the caliphate and their adoption of violence as a means to achieve it. She only wants to come back for purely selfish reasons.

Perhaps if she had trotted out the “I was 15, young and impressionable and I wish I hadn’t come” line - then maybe she should be allowed back. However this is not the case, so she can stay where she is


She’s a wrong’un no doubt but she could be useful for our own propaganda purposes.


This is correct.

This isn’t, as this next bit shows.

Enemy without?

Allow what exactly? And thank fuck you don’t pick other people up on their spelling, grammar, punctuation. All the above is a single sentence.


She has no love for Britain.
She has to make her own way to a consulate, why should a law abiding Brit help her get there?
You can go if you’re so engaged in her plight?
If you were out there she’d have killed you or her own would have, go and join the merry band, you both hate the UK.


Mind if you go though as the Russians are bombing, you’ll be in quandary then won’t you?


Stand trail for what exactly?
Never see her child again, as she could indoctrinate her. Much like a Christian parent could. Take all children away from religious parents?

So lock her up, take her child away and then laugh at her. Can’t wait to see the Christians reaction when they realise it includes them. I’d start with the JW if i was you.