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Its terrible that we give relevance and a platform to an unelected human rights abuser, I also feel strongly about Assad…


It’s terrible that the British continue to seek to assert the morale high ground over Governance when their own system is entirely corrupt and self serving and there are multiple indications of breaches of International Law, Domestic Law and pure Lies.


The FACT is the Arab Spring was a Western Democratic myth that has caused death and destruction on a scale FAR worse than any of the tyrants caused.
It failed and people live in fear and fllood into Europe as refugees and you don’t want to help them.

Perhaps a more intelligent option is to understand that approach HAS failed and to seek to work WITH all the parties in Syria and other “Failed States” to bring about a managed and negotiated change.
But then that often means Global Elite cannot make money from the weapons sales and McDonalds franchises etc.

Removing an entire National Infrastructure - "Government and Civil Services, State Organisms such as the Police and Military worked out really well for the majority of citizens in Iraq, and hasn’t taken hold in Afghanistan, and now you all moan about the cost of keeping troops in the messes you created.

(And by “you” I mean Western Globalised interests, not Bazza)


Nothing to see here
Except a massive U-turn and probable escalation

BBC News - US to expel every last Iranian boot from Syria - Pompeo