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You guys may need to rethink Dry January or giving up smoking for NY, you may not last the week before exploding at this rate.



You deny and fudge a wrong and then purport I agree with our Government, you couldn’t be further from the truth, I also don’t agree with the Syrians and Russians.

Not a difficult concept to understand.



We are leaving.
Oh no we aren’t.
Well, it is Pantomime season…

BBC News - Syria conflict: Bolton says US withdrawal is conditional


Smacks of a…Oh I didn’t think of that backtrack. :lou_facepalm_2:


Its great news for the Kurds, the Yanks as it stands are just in their area so the Russians and Syrians can’t bomb the shit out of them, I say this as the only bonus of the Yanks and Russians (invited but invited as they’ll do Assad’s dirty work and murder 100’s of 1000’s) being there, just have a war and stop having proxy ones for fucks sake.




Is Ford pro Assad? He seems to be with that article.


Does it matter? He’s describing the situation as he sees it and giving his opinion on what may happen. I don’t care if he’s pro Bolton or pro Putin or Macron’s rent boy to be honest. Just an interesting and plausible take on things. He has plenty of experience.


It does matter, hugely, his view of the situation is biased, it was a very good article but slanted to the point of being laughable in some places. He failed to mention what assurances and guarantees the Kurds will or won’t have also made it sound like them being able to converse in their own language in the future as a good thing.
There are many Russian puppets in this theatre.


mmm Former Ambassador to Syria Peter Ford, with decades of direct experience and knowledge of Syria or
Pretend Ambassador to Derby’s nightspots Bazza Sanchez with decades of experience of Milton Road and oop North?
I’ve weighed it up and I think there is more value in his analysis than your opinion.


So that means you follow him and his views, of course makes sense but you’re supporting unelected tyrant who kills his own people.


Whatever Barry.




That article is batshit mental Bazza but thanks for posting. Rather than the interviewer I was more interested by the interviewee, the (again) learned and experienced Cockburn.


It’s one of the NATO tactics, don’t bite(yes, i know).
Awkward points? Ignore them, attack the source. The Patrick Armstrong essays, psychoanalysing-nato explain it all(with ample examples.
Have you moved on from projection yet? You’ll enjoy the gaslighting. That’s always interesting.


The irony of you two pointing out plausible deniability tactics etc etc is laughable, you believe the Russians. pinch of salt, you’re in bed with dictators, get cosy.


But you still haven’t addressed the article, so the point stands.
You’re so transparent. Up your game, or you’ll be getting the boot from your II cluster(fuck).


British Embassy building has been fully refurbished, it’s due to open next week. One other believe it is French already opened.
Just saying…