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Yes Barry, that’s exactly what I said isn’t it?


Well what are you saying, is ok for the Russians to bomb the Kurds to Damascus so they have to beg to survive when they want a homeland?


Yes, Barry that’s exactly what I’m saying. :lou_facepalm_2:
Are you saying that Kurds quest for a homeland is like the Palestinian fight against Israel?


So you’re saying its ok?

Nevermind a wanky quote or paste, you don’t need any of that to make a judgement call, make a moral call on is it right to do so?

No I am saying the quest for a Kurdish state is totally valid and as is a Palestinian one, I am also saying as fact Kurds don’t have as nearly as many rights as Palestinians do.

No language.
Only Arabic names no Kurdish
No ownership of business’s
No Passports

Its double standards and have you wondered why SOS is quiet on this?


I support the Kurds right to seek a homeland, of course. Where that will be I don’t know. Turkey? Iraq? Iran? Syria? I’m not so sure that relying on the FUKUS for support was such a good idea. The Kurds are now realising that they have more chance of improved rights through a deal with Syria/Russia. How does that tally with your assertion that the Russians are bombing the Kurds? Who do you think the Kurds see as their main threat?


Jesus wept only because they’ve been bombed to the table, do you think a dictator who already subjugated them and failed to recognise them will now be better he has won?

Are you smoking crack?

He’ll hammer them into the ground with Russian bombs and many more innocents will die.

Feel happy?

The good old Russians ey?

Up the dictators and fascists…

Have a word Goat.


And the Kurds have been where they have been for centuries, I did say this earlier, borders and straight lines were placed upon them.
Whether they want autonomy or a nation state is totally up to them, they may even have a war over that fate but its their fate.


So the Kurds are used and betrayed by the FUKUS, slaughtered by Turks and invite the Syrians and Russians to protect them but you think their problem is Syria/Russia?


The Syrians have slaughtered them Goat with Russian help and have bombed them to the table, if its a betrayal then by that do you want FUKUS to remain in Syria?

I think you’re confused and possibly don’t know too much about the Kurds, their demise and subjugation and Russian involvement.


You’re such an obsessive halfwit(should i apply for a restraining order?) and your posts below the above quoted prove it.

Who placed those lines?
I’ll give you a clue. It’s the people that have brought death and destruction on an industrial scale to the region for over a hundred years.




Fuck me not that moon shit again.


The delusion continues. They were bombed for being the aggressor(with us) against a nation state. Now they’ve lost Syrias democratic government are allowing them to surrender and live peacefully. What utter cunts :lou_facepalm_2:


You’re correct on the lines but those lines were also drawn in Israel, difference? No.
So why is your stance?


Is Israel a nation state?
Has Hamas waged war on them?

Choose words carefully, rabbit hole.


With no passports.
No voting rights.
No ownership rights.
No language
No right to be Syrian

Stateless, yes they’re fucking amazing SOS.


No moon crap on here.


Syria. The threads about Syria.

Still about Syria.

Not from you. It’d just be more easily taken apart propaganda.

Did we illegally go into Syria?
Have we been proven to train/arm/supply/pay terrorists?
Is anyone that doesn’t condemn both of the above an apologist for mass murder, or a complete fucking idiot, for believing the exact same set of lies they’ve fallen for multiple times before(just this century)?


Thanks for the history Bazza. Now if you read the Moon article you can get up to date. The US/UK helped Saddam to murder Kurds. Turkey has been persecuting Kurds forever. They won’t get any help there. I think their best bet at the moment is to appeal to Damascus. What do you think is their best course of action?


They did and I am not too sure what that has to do with anything, I was against that as well.

Carry on.