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Could someone remind me which side the UK is on again?


The wrong side(as per).


What fighting with the Kurds who want a homeland? Are you Israeli now?


Speaking in Parliament after the strikes, Prime Minister Theresa May said it was “legally and morally right” for the UK to step in to prevent “further human suffering”.

This bit almost made me piss myself.


Are you comparing the Kurds with the Palestinians?


Are you really that delusional. Who set up, trained and armed the terrorists known in western propaganda as the white helmet?
That would be our lot(evil cunts or what? Unless you’re fine with the murder of thousands of innocent women and children).
Have you been living under a shell for the last decade?


In wanting a homeland of course. why wouldn’t you? Their persecution is the same if not worse.


I’m not happy with innocents dying at all hence I’ve I have said we should totally and utterly withdraw from the Middle East, the lines are far to blurred and we only fighting proxy wars as well.
The Russians and Syrians are responsible for 1000’s of innocent deaths as well. Lambast them or you’re a hypocrite.


What makes you think I agree with that? Your base argument (both of you) is that as I disagree with you I have to be on the British Government side which is not only presumptive, wrong and very basic,
There can be other views than yours (Russian) or the Governments.


Syrians aren’t occupying a Palestinian homeland. Kurds are occupying Syria and attempting to force their language and culture on Syrians. Kurds have no historical ties to the land they are occupying.


No they are not and yes, you quite clearly are that delusional.
The people that deliberately planned and started this evil are fully responsible and that’s us, France, America and the terrorist apartheid false state.
Remember this bloke and the evil he works for.


That is how Countries start, the Kurds have occupied those lands not just in Syria for centuries, they’ve been denied basic basic rights in Syria, I suggest you look it up and you’ll find they’re rather fascist and repressive.


Not Russia or Syria?

I think you’re delusional.


And yet they look to Damascus for a deal to protect themselves from our allies.


Think what you like. Why would such a deranged, blinkered, one eyed, racists view bother me.
Keep hating, keep banging the war drum.
Anyone that goes along with the decades of western aggression and believes the propaganda belongs in a mental health facility(preferably never released).
Now read the article. Expand your awareness of the world around you.


They have to now, I don’t think they wanted to before, the Russians got involved and bombed and killed innocents only wanting a homeland, ring any bells.

I suggest you look at the Kurds persecution in Syria, as bad as Israel are this isn’t a patch and it all goes unsaid.



I do believe I have said we shouldn’t be there, what part of that do you fail to understand?


You’re correct ‘we’ shouldn’t be there. The Russians were invited there because ‘we’ are there.


So as they were invited by a tyrant dictator who suppresses freedoms its ok they bomb and kill innocents?