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Weird - it said the reading time was 7mins but I read it in half the time. Maybe because I don’t mouth every word as I read it…


All that will happen now with the American withdrawal is the Kurds will be squeezed/killed/massacred by the Turkish,Syrians and Russians, all for wanting a state of their own and self determination.


I’m amazed the Kurds trusted the US to protect them. They will be heading to Damascus to make a deal with Assad.



They had to pin their hopes somewhere.


Maybe they should have looked at the history books. It’s not as though the US has much form of piling in, fucking it up then scarpering is it?


Yeah, but that’s like needing an agile goalkeeper and pinning your hopes on Forster, when Mccarthy is just down the road and willing.


Or not turning up until its nearly over





Posted pics from a really packed & modern club in Damascus on the fark off 2018 thread last night.
The video clips I was sent showed the same picture that this article paints, as my mate said HUGE party.



I am still waiting for those 100’s of 1000’s Mulsims who were supposed to be going to China on a jolly boys outing, how did that go by the way?


They’re going on a hug a nazi trip to Ukraine instead.


Doesn’t Russia have them?


Why doesn’t the Muslim World openly condemn China and its actions against the Muslims that live there? Only Turkey have done it I think, double standards?


Nope, they just all need their cheap tv’s and chicks for nearly free.


Ah money. knew it’d be that, funny how even fundamentalists let their supposed own die when they can get a cheap garden strimmer and mobile phone…


I wish Bolton would just stop with the fucking charade and come out and beg Israel et al to stage a false flag attack.


I think it more likely that the (not hidden)message was aimed at us or France, but i’d put my money on us. There’s already been evidence of British supplies and training for this kind of event and an Oscar for pulling it off(badly).