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Does this come under approved media?
It doesn’t use Bellingcat as a source, so that’s a positive.


Ha Ha Russia today?

Fucking hell SOS, give up lad, you’re shot, done, a busted flush.


Remember you also pick the news sources that suit Barry.


Not a state funded political mouth piece of Putin I don’t, ha ha still laughing at that.


But you still pick sources that suit your views


Its reeks of desperation.


What, your arguments?




A deliberate pick for those that think they can determine source.
It’s a better piece than the independent one, if only for pointing out what Bellingcat really is, but some will deny.
You’ll find this kind of person moaning about state sponsor, but happy to quote the BBC(what does the BBC website say about the miraculous diplomacy that negotiated the ceasefire? Big news, Big headlines?).
Their views reek of desperation(Raqqa, Deir Ezzor? Quiet as a mouse).
They can’t even produce an approved list(maybe that’s just a smokescreen?).


So you believe the Ukrainians did it?

Who invaded Crimea?

The Moonies?

You’re barmy lad, fucking batshit crazy.


Depends which invasion.
No and i say that with confidence.
If you’re the alternative, i’m relaxed about it.
Now print your list.


Anyway, while we’re waiting for the list, this could put a different slant on things in the region.


Are you allowed to use those words when speaking about the Chinese ?


He won’t answer. He’s sloped off to bed.


Hope you haven’t found a chink in his armour *

(* I can say that, right?)


What list?


Approved media(even state sponsored).
What about the Chinese deal?
I didn’t see that one coming.


Open and free media, the Chinese plan is a strange one and something that could really upset the yanks and Russian, they’re not imperialist is the land sense though.


Open and free media? So people like Caitlin Johnstone, Mark Curtis, Jonathan Cook, Suzi Dawson, John Helmer, John Pilger, Insurge intelligence, Saker, Grey zone, Media Lens and Consortium News are all good, but the BBC, guardian, mail, times, express, telegraph, nyt, wopo and all American TV should not be believed, as it’s provable that they are either state-owned, or owned by a very small group of warmongering cunts that feed misinformation and do not produce balanced news. If you doubt that, just look at the last 3 years of political news, especially Corbyn and show me the balanced reporting, or go back to Iraq(“lessons will be learned” didn’t do to well did it?).
Not sure the Chinese taking over that port will bother the Russians. They have become quite close and the Russians would have been kept informed.


What did your press say about Russian invasion of Crimea?

Stoking tensions in Georgia?


It would upset the Russians are they’re only in the Med for a port really and some influence, we’ve been over this warm water port thing before.

I thought you understood.