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Less destruction and loss of lives is always good.

As a sidenote, if you’re a Syrian freedom fighter wanting democracy you’ll view Russia as foreign and imperialist.


To be a Syrian rebel they’re are going to be surrounded by Western funded foreign jihadists, so they would be a bit hypocritical don’t you think?


You seem to view foreign as a dirty word, I don’t, context.


I don’t view it as dirty, apart from when it’s uninvited. You appear to be of the opposite belief, which is strange.


What % of Syrians wanted the Russians there?

What % of the Syrian electorate invited them in?


I would wager it’s more than want the head choppers.


Pointless questions. They are there legally, unlike our people.
Bored of pointing the obvious out to you now Barry, so enjoy defending constant western aggression and murder, over admitting facts.


Israel does not deny forcing Russian plane into line of fire but places blame on Iran and Hezzbalah.


Where am I defending it?

I don’t want us there.


Israel doesn’t deny or confirm anything about military operations as far as I know, do you know something?


Just what I heard on the radio. Bit weird to refer to Iran I thought but who knows.
Last time Russia had a jet accidentally downed there was a huge increase in Russian involvement in Syria. Let’s see what happens this time.


They’ll probably raze Idlib to the ground, they can dish it out but can’t take it, even if the Syrian shot their allies, the Russians won’t care, the innocents in with the extremists will also die.



This is from the rt article you linked to earlier

Despite the fact that Israel rarely acknowledges striking specific targets inside Syria, earlier this month the IDF admitted hitting at least 202 “Iranian targets” in the country. Overall, Israel has launched 792 bombs and missiles at Syria since 2017, arguing that the strikes were necessary to prevent Iran from setting up bases in the country in order to stage attacks against the Jewish state.


Yeah I get that btripz. Just thought it was a bit weird in this context. Almost as though they were excusing their actions without tacitly admitting guilt.


There is no guilt, the Russians allies shot down their plane, I know where I’d point the finger.
If the Israeli fighters were in international air space or their own air space then who’s in the wrong?
Why were the missles locked onto the Russian plane?
Where were they?


There will be a price paid for this, as there was for Deir Ezzor(two Kalibr missiles). You just will not hear about it in the west, because of what they destroy.


We heard about the Dutch airliner and the denials.


Sources and references please Barry