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Really? That’ll be news in Syria.


Can you explain the alliances along the sectarian lines then?


This is your question and i gave you my answer as well as i could, as you’re talking about something that hasn’t happened and might never happen, if say the Syrians called a cease fire, some time like yesterday maybe🤔



Yes or no.


Depends, what flavour?


Still can’t answer the tough questions, some things never change, keep on moralising sitting on the fence son.


Surely you should have asked

Devonish, Cornish, or New Forest?


Your talking about something that hasn’t happened. Let’s talk about something that has and we’ll even use your favoured source, ok.
A city called Raqqa was raised to the ground by certain nations, that were breaking international law, just by being there and deliberately caused a humanitarian crisis whilst at it.
This happened and is well documented. Where was your outrage?


Terrible and shouldn’t have happened, Pol Pot did terrible things as did Attila the Hun, they also have no relevance as an example, morally justifying a horrific act by mentioning another is abhorrent.
You’re better than that.


I’m not moralising anything, just trying to look at facts, that are very relevant to the Syrian people(that’s who matter), rather than a hypothetical scenario(Someone on here would call that deflection).
Can you really not see the relevance of Raqqa to the Syrian people and anyone wishing to discuss the subject?
Wasting my time, if you can’t.


You are moralising and you’re also comparing to seemingly justify an action which will have huge consequences for the region (unless you’re brave enough to say yes or no to whether you agree with the bombing and razing of Idlib?), one poor wreckless unjustified action doesn’t justify another from any point of view.


If you believe the rubbish you wrote, you have my deepest sympathy.


You are asking a question that only has one answer though bazza. Surely all bombing is abhorrent no? Do you agree with the flattening of Dresden? Or slaughtering Vietnamese? Or bombing Laos?
Do you agree that Syria should have the right to attempt to rid itself of foreign jihadi fighters?


It doesn’t, you’re touched in the head if you think it does.


Of course, Syria has every right to expel extremists but not at the expense of innocent human lives.


Making it up again i see.
Simple question. Who is using civilians as human shields. Assad or our governments jihadists?


The extremists, I am not making anything up and I have the courage to give answers.

You still haven’t answered.

When you say our Government jihadi’s can you give some links and credible evidence of training and how many?

Not you tin pot crazy Dave in the Rockies crap, a credible one with genuine sources.
Until then concentrate on the moon landings and Elvis.


And how would you suggest that is possible? Where are these foreign Jihadis going to go? China?:wink:


500,000? Total rubbish and scaremongering.

Its going to have to be done by the Syrians and Russians the hard way, on foot and street to street.
Will that happen?

Depends how much pressure France, US, UK and Germany put on Russia and Syria, Iran won’t listen regardless.

You bomb you create more extremists, its not rocket science as we’ve seen this for the last 30 years.


Or whether it has been packed by a fudge packer