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Again Barry, i said, it’s up to the Syrian people and their government to decide. None of our business and we need to get all illegal foreigners that we finance out.
I’m still struggling to understand the thought process of someone that can describe the razing of Raqqa and ensuing humanitarian crisis like this.

Just the one. Are you sure about that?
Wreckless or executed as planned?
Unjustified? Certainly, as we’re there illegally.
Action? Funny way to describe it.
As to the rest, give me a full list of approved sources(or unapproved, whichever is shorter).
Or you could find something out for yourself.
Have fun😊


No we’ve made many, lots, loads, but that doesn’t justify this.

Yes or no, saying its an internal issue isn’t answering the question, simply deflecting it.


It is an answer.
Their choice, how they deal with our payed up jihadists. Completely their choice, how they deal with the problem we forced on them.
Guess the top 5 countries, hoping they do exactly what we done to Raqqa(Russia isn’t one of them).


Good news.


Good, but will be interesting to see where all the jihadist troops and weapons “disappear” to…


That will be for others to sort out but bombing the shit out of a place isn’t going to help, the Russians are probably doing it to save face as the Assad would wipe them all out, you can’t have any credibility as an international player if you simply obliterate.


What others? Who are going to take that on? The UK or US, seeing as they appear to have funded them?


Appear, link the funding of terrorists please.


Stop being a dick Barry and read previous posts on this thread.

I know you do this to be provocative.


You’re just coming out with a statement you can’t back up.


And you are talking out of your arse as usual because you’re too lazy to check.

Your serve…


No as I’ve never known the UK Government to sponsor terrorists, you’re going to have to educate me.


I’m still waiting for your list of approved sources. What’s taking so long?
I’ll take a stab in the dark and assume you’re ok with bbc(you use them a lot).

The government has suspended a foreign aid project after a BBC Panorama investigation found taxpayers’ cash was being diverted to extremists in Syria.
A UK government spokesman said it takes allegations of co-operation with terrorist groups “extremely seriously”.

I await your defence of “one poor wreckless unjustified action” yer again. How many years now?


That’s sponsoring terrorists and then saying, i’m to stupid to know where the money goes.




Thats not open funding thats incompetence, context.


Oh fuck off. Who said anything about openly funding. Like that’s going to happen.


You think we don’t talk to terrorists? Are you soft? Of course we do, we always have.


So incompetence is collusion, thank fuck you’re not in law.


Read the book on the link baz then tell me again how we don’t collude with terrorists. You’re talking shite lad.