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This was brought up months ago and your article is full of “ifs”.
The Country has been destroyed by Western bombing and funding terrorists. They need to make plans to rebuild.
If you’re really interested there is an interview with Assad and they go through it all. Go find it.


You haven’t stated whether you think its correct, the Russians can persuade the Syrians or Assad to help the return of the millions who’ve fled but they’ll want something in return.


And do you support the advance into Idlib by the Russians, Iranians and Syrians?


Do you support the occupation of Idlib by foreign Jihadis?


No but I can’t support the slaughter of civilians either and that being called collateral damage, its ethnic cleansing.
Who’ll take the refugees?


That doyen of Western values, upholder of democracy and favourite gonna join the EU elite Nation will take them. They are right next door and have been supporting the rebels to help create the situation on the 1st place.
Oh wait…


They quite obviously don’t want them and how many have they taken?


This and the above are the concerns of the Syrian people and their government. It’s their country and any foreigners getting involved uninvited and those cheering them on should hang their heads in shame.


Those figures are 2 years old to be fair. Presumably you can reference more up to date numbers?


Its Assads and the Alawites.


Why post them then? They’re codshit.


There are approximately 2 million Alawi in Syria today, and representatives of this group dominate Syrian politics and the Syrian military. Syria’s current President, hence the original uprising.


There was no uprising. There was protests about bread after 3 years of drought. The western jihadists were in place from the off and turned it violent as quickly as they could.
Go look it up.


There was an attempted one.

Go look it up.


Led by your jihadists, controlled by our government.


What are you on about?

It was an extension of the Arab spring, you haven’t answered whether you support the razing of Idlib and the humanitarian crisis.

No saying well the west did this, answer the question.


Calm yourself down and go back up the page. There’s my answer :blush:


You haven’t answered, I stated it Assads and the Alawites Country, not the Sunnis or anyone elses.

A yes or no will be adequate.


I used the figures because they are available. You suggest that the religious make up of Syria has changed so therefore I assumed you had more current figures. Or are you making it up?


Most of the people fleeing are perceived enemies of the state and they’ll be by and large Sunni, throw in the property laws and you have ethnic cleansing, who cares though, if the West can’t be blamed or the UK then its all ok.


point of record.
Syria is a majority Shia nation not Sunni