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They didn’t the revolution as it was back then, they hijacked it later on.

Please read.

Anyone could predict that, if you suppress a nation the bad elements will rise once the dictator has gone or the system has gone. Russian Mafia? Mafia in Cuba now?


Was Ghaddafi right by the way?


Of course he was but as I said anyone can predict that, its easy, he kept a lid on things as it wasn’t a democracy, are you proposing totalitarian regimes as the way forward?


What would be your way of dealing with Islamic fundamentalists, intent on overthrowing order and installing sharia law etc? Would you keep a lid on it, or allow them their ‘democratic rights’ and give them free reign?


Syria is a foreign policy nightmare. There’s no morally ok position. from a humanitarian POV, I get tired of people on this site defending Russia, just from a kneejerk political pov. And getting their “facts” from whatever weblog agrees with their worldview. There are factcheck sites, non profit who aggregate information. There is though a deliberate assault on how information is digested. Problem being that people get trapped in an opinion bubble.


Its an issue for Islam not the West, Islam is fragmenting hence the sectarianism and differing views of to take it forward into the 21st century, we had this in Europe 500 years ago, its not our war to fight.

We should stay out.

Are you proposing intervention?


Stop taking sides and think you idiot


What do you mean am i proposing intervention? You make no sense. We intervened seven years ago, which is why Libya is in the state of anarchy it is now. And to a large extent why the West is experiencing the refugee problem it now has to deal with. To bury your head and deny this is just silly.


Hence my question of what do you propose?

My answer is they have to fight for democracy themselves, we can not do it.

You don’t seem to have an answer.


There is no answer is there, not now. Fight for democracy? We bombed democracy into them seven years ago, destroying large parts of their infrastructure, destroyed their clean water supply, destroyed power stations, left massive arms and ammunition dumps, including chemical weapons, open to plunder by Ghaddafi’s Islamic Fundamentalist opponents, much of which found it’s way to Syria to continue the Fundamentalist jihad against the ‘non believers’. Like it or not, Western governments have facilitated this, it has been done in our name. Can’t blame Russia for this one.


Yep, the Libyan takeover was western arrogance. A mistake.


It was years ago


Who says I was blaming Russia for our deeds?


You are aware that Syria is over 70% Sunni? And the Syrian Army is over 50% Sunni? You believe that Assad is going to remove all of these people from Syria forever? Are you batshit mental?


Just take a step back and remember the Islamic Extremist Clerics of the 80s & 90s.
Those who were hounded/arrested by the allies of the US, those same clerics who were then given asylum and a platform in the UK.
There was much wrong with the Ba’ath party system (modelled on the Communist Party) before the Arab Spring and much wrong with “rights”
But the fact remained Syria was a single nation where the Religions lived in far closer harmony and understanding than they do in UK, where a home was granted to far more refugees (Palestinian) than UK ever let in, and where any child with ability could attend University and have a career and respect.

Change was happening, local elections were held and becoming more open.
But hey let’s bash each other because this is about nasty Russia suddenly rocking up in a country they have been an ally with since before most on here were born.
How’s democracy working out in Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq for the locals?
It can’t even supply water to the population in the richest city in Iraq.


Slave markets are up though.


It’s sad when mail online is making more sense than Bazza:


Was, Goat was.


Ah Arab socialism twined with nationalism, no elections and totalitarian authority, if Assad had elections 10 years ago he’d be voted out so lets not say they’re a model to look at for examples.


I gather no one knew of this?

No I doubt you did.