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Of course Russia could be there as they believe in Assad’s methods of leadership…


Using Wikipedia for anything political is very silly.


I kept linking the wrong link, Russia, Syria, Iran (historic and now beneficial alliance



True but so is using Bryan’s from West Virginia’s tin folier truth chart…


Before I read this, are you posting it as you agree with it and it fits in with your agenda?


Is he Steve’s brother, real name Elliot Higgins?


That’s your job Barry(you forgot to mention Ukraine).


I find News.DavidIcke.com a reliable source


That article didn’t mention the Chechen’s who Russia will gladly obliterate, the millions of innocents don’t matter.

The creation of ISIS 2.0 doesn’t matter either does it?


Why would it. Do you expect an article about cricket to give the football scores?
ISIS 2. Better ask our lot, the yanks and Saudis.


There is no ISIS 2.0


The destruction of Idlib will create it.

You can thank the Russian, Assad and the Iranians Boris for that.


There will be.


Isis are basically a group of disgruntled ex Iraqi soldiers. Who took advantage of a situation. “ISIS” has become an anti muslim thing and a powerful thing, especially in the US. They are the enemy. And they’re foriegn.


Assad’s resisters? Come on Barry, don’t be shy, you mean headchopping, ‘Alluha Akbar’ shouting Jihadists, you know the ones you are cheerleading for. Come on Barry, enlighten us all, why do you support the headchoppers? Why do you want to inflict these monsters on the people of Syria? Before your heroes arrived on the scene, Syria was a secular state, Beautiful Christian cathedrals, all demolished now of course by your headchopping mates, equal rights for the sexes, equal education for all, a higher proportion of women in university than the UK, western culture, music, arts etc openly there for all. No requirement to wear the burka, was rarely seen in Syria before the ‘Civil War’ your headchopping heroes are fighting. Of course Assad is no angel, none of these Middle East dictators are, but he kept a lid on it. As did Ghaddafi in Libya, never forget Ghaddafi was the first world leader to call for an international arrest warrant for Osama Bin Laden, years before 9-11. He was dismissed out of hand. When the headchoppers overran Damascus at the start of the so called civil war, in 2011, one of the first things they did was liberate the prisons. And who came running out? Why it was hordes of bearded, Islamic Jihadists, screaming ‘Alluha Akbar’! These were the ‘persecuted’ Assad was locking up, abusing their human rights etc, as was Ghaddafi in Libya. Why are your sympathies with these Islamic Fundamentalists? It is really puzzling. Like it or not, we should have listened to Ghaddafi.
From 2011. Also in all MSM, Mail, Express Guardian etc at the time.


Tyrants rule the nation and there is no trouble as they quickly stamp it out, the uprising was hijacked (I did write this) later on by extremists, Assad is a dictator and all should have let him fall, there’d would have been a vastly different picture today, even democracy.

Look at the crime rates in totalitarian regimes, they’re non existent.


Is this Gaddafi who sponsored terrorism?

You’re a strange man.


Lack of content duly noted.


So in your parallel universe if the ISIS headchoppers had overthrown Assad Syria could now have democracy? Really?
Was Ghaddafi right by the way?