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We’re silent on Saudi as they have money, simple as that, I don’t understand your point?

I find both equally nauseating.


The point being that you seem to go out of your way to slag off the Russians but not anyone else to the same extent


Could you point out the difference between barrel bombs and the bombs the West drop? Are barrel bombs beyond the pale because they are cheap? Haven’t been purchased from BAE? Could you enlighten us as to the effect on the people on the receiving end of barrel bombs versus our bombs? Do our bombs explode showering the people on the receiving end with candy and rose petals? You don’t half talk some shite Barry. With respect!


Because the manufacture and selling of weapons is totally different to using crude bombs to terrorize your own citizens.

Why muddy the waters and try to compare the two?


Really? The Russians are to blame for an awful lot of issues that why, when I point it out I get the defensive

“Well the West does this and that!”

But that doesn’t deflect or diffuse what the Russians are doing but merely shows the agenda by the person who says it.

Assad is a bastard and he has to go, he has to go but the Syrians have to do it, why are the Russians there?
For Assad or Russia or dare I say it the civilian population?

You know the answer to that.


No it’s not. Both kill indiscriminately . That’s it.


There’re vastly different discussions but you’re crudely lumping them together to try and make a point, it doesn’t make sense, they are different theatre’s of conflict for a start.

Are you arguing on moral lines for selling weapons to Saudi or to anyone?
Dropping bombs on your own citizens is a totally different discussion.


And the UK and USA are not responsible for a lot of issues globally? Blinkered thinking Barry, blinkered.

How do you know Assad is a bastard? Do you know him, have you met him? He used to preside over one of the most tolerant and peaceful countries in the Middle East - I can see the MSM is full of anti-Assad rhetoric so I guess it must be true eh?

I don’t dispute Syria needs to be sorted out, but you wouldn’t be the person I’d ask to plan it I’m afraid.


Its a false argument used by people who have lost it “Well the West does this and that!” “Whataboutism”

Assad and Iran are both historically Russian allies. The main advantange for Putin is to create an influx of people into Europe from Syria and North Africa. Then weaponise social media.





  1. the action of making something obscure, unclear, or unintelligible.

“when confronted with sharp questions Barry usually resorts to obfuscation”


Russia destabilizing Syria? RUSSIA? Are you serious? Do you really believe that the destabilization of Syria is down to Russia? It is beyond argument that Russia only got involved after the Syrian conflict,“so called civil war”, even though it is a fact that there are Jihadists from at least 80 countries, many of them recruited, armed and financed by the UK and US. By any definition this is not a civil war. Syria is, and always has been part of Russia’s sphere of influence, just as most of the rest of the world is part of the USA’s sphere of influence. Are you suggesting that the USA can openly have a sphere of influence, all over the world, thousands of miles from their shores, any resistance by “commie” natives dealt with swiftly and with maximum force? I would suggest you go back ten years or so Barry, read up on the chronological events which led up to the Syrian conflict, educate yourself and stop being a patsy for the right wing Neo Liberals who you cheer lead for. They must get down on their knees every night and thank whichever God they pray to for gullible souls like you, spreading their bollocks on forums, purporting to be an “old fashioned socialist”, (hilarious), when of course the truth is, for all with a brain to see, you are a right wing reactionary. At least have the balls to admit it.


Of course they are but what has that got to do with Syria?
I am not blinkered I simply don’t merge different realities.


Good night Barry

That’s enough for today.


You first need to learn that Russia is far from communist.

Russia came in and saved Assad but for what purpose? To extend its sphere of influence as the US is looking inward now and opposed to having an outward approach, America first and all that and Trump demanding NATO members pay their way.

There is going to be a humanitarian crisis in the coming weeks when they start that offensive and who will be starting it and wiping out Assads resistors?

Of course you’ll blame the west for this and not the Russians and Syria, it’ll be fake news (when it suits) and bollocks.

Wake up.


I would stop insulting other people, until you can state your opinions as factual.


Pro Russian, Assad and Iran posters on here should take note of the impending humanitarian disaster that looks like its going to happen,.

The civil uprising was started by people wanting quite correctly change, it was hijacked later by extremists like they always do.

The Sunni’s will never be allowed to return to Syria, Assad’s regime won’t allow that.

And they’re suppose to be the good guys?


“read up on the chronological events which led up to the Syrian conflict” give us your take Mr expert :grinning: