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Thought i had seen that picture before.

Anyway it’s CNN. Didn’t they have a hand in “incubator girl”?
That ended up being rather embarrassing for all concerned, although got the idiots worked up for invasion, so a success for those in the background.


Interesting article.

On comment early on was quite interesting as it made me think about some of the arguments on threads on here over the last year or so:

“…:All the time I get people coming up yelling at me about what a butcher Bashar al-Assad is, how he loves gassing children because he’s an evil monster, how he’s killed hundreds of thousands of civilians in his own country out of sheer sadism, and all I can say to them is, you don’t know that. You don’t know any of those things, you’re just pretending you do because that’s what everyone else is doing…”

It’s the last bit of the quote was the bit that resonated and I suspect the result is the cause of much of the angst and grief in the UK these days.


Those barrel bombs thrown from helicopters are real enough.


Maybe- don’t recall.


Still happening.


That’s the important bit. It’s the old “tell a lie often enough” bullshit, then watch the herd mentality kick in. It’s worked through the whole of human history and we’re all susceptible No one likes to duped, but admitting it to yourself and then the world is always harder and so you see people backing completely illogical things because it’s safer.
Makes me almost feel sorry for the guardian (so called)journalists. They’ve knowingly backed a lie. Their illusion of integrity has been shattered. Are the sun hiring?


Yes by saying Russians didn’t enter the UK and when the Russians admit they were cathedral spotting these people won’t admit they’re wrong they simply revise their fantasy.

You literally couldn’t make it up other than you can and continue to.


So, where is the proof it was down to barrel bombs Barry? The say so of an organisation that has its own agenda (not saying it is bad btw). You are doing exactly what I highlighted - you’re pretending you know because that’s what everyone is saying.

At the end of the day this seems to be a proxy war - the West v Russia, just one more in a long line of manufactured conflicts. I thought you read into history?


I’m choosing to believe amnesty international over tin pot agenda driven tin foil websites.

They gloss over Russia’s invasion in Crimea and encroachment in Georgia, they’re undeniable facts.

Barrel bombing by the Assad regime has been well documented by all agencies.


Where did i say any such thing?
Russians enter the UK all the time.
Are you making it up?


Can’t you see the obvious flaw?
They talk about the pictures as absolute proof, but supply not one.
Tinfoil hattery at it’s finest.


Crimea? Do you believe that happened?

Georgia? And Russia’s push for South Ossetia so the Geogians can’t apply for membership of NATO.

Any comments?


You find their story credible?

Of course you do.


I did say I’m choosing to believe amnesty intl over tin foil agenda driven shite.


That position would have been fine until you then ruined it by saying everything else is “tin foil agenda driven shite”.

I almost admired you for stating a belief up until then.

You’ve just demonstrated that once you’ve made up your mind your mind is closed to any other possibilities. That’s quite sad really. Unless of course I’ve misjudged you, then apologies.


An article that claims pictures as it’s evidence, but prints none, is Tinfoil hattery of the highest order.
If you look at the Johnstone article, you get to a section where every paragraph start with “here is” and then provides links, for the evidence she claims will back up her argument.
It’s quite a convincing technique. Maybe someone should suggest it to Amnesty :lou_facepalm_2:


My view on Russia’s involvement to destabilise Syria even further and their invasion of Crimea and stoke up tensions in Georgia won’t change as its fact.


Fair enough, but do you also not agree that the west is also extremely complicit in stoking the conflict in Syria for example?

Do you not believe that the UK is supporting Saudi Arabia in atrocities being perpetrated in Yemen?

Pot. Kettle. Black.


By selling arms? We sell arms to everyone, we should’t be selling arms but we do, I’d dare say we sell via a 3rd party to the Yemeni’s.
Russia have are propping up their puppet in Syria, we shouldn’t be anywhere near the Middle East, they need to sort it out themselves.



Or maybe read this - it’s quite a long read though and doesn’t have sensationalist pictures