⚽ :pl: SuperBru - Premier League Predictor

c’mon @Saintbletch you’re the only one not to make any predictions yet this week.

So, after the opening weekend, @PhilippineSaint is leading and I am bottom :slight_smile:


Is that why @saintbletch has given up already

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BTW you can still join if you want to…

Join Sotonians, my Premier League Predictor league on @Superbru! You can find my pool here:


or by downloading the Superbru app and searching for the pool with code:


I’m in…a pro amongst all you amateurs.




Thats because you twats bet against Saints


And I’m the only one that predicted the correct score :slight_smile:

Whereas you’re the only one that predicted the correct Wolves v United score, the rest of us went for a Utd win…

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I could not give MU a win


Wtf is a slam point?

FFS read the scoring FAQ

Plus Slam Points if you pick 5 or more correct outcomes in a round (see below).

Slam Points

A great round deserves an extra reward and that’s where the Slam Point comes in. If you pick a certain number of correct outcomes (correct winner or draw irrespective of score) you’ll earn extra points as follows.

Round 1 to Round 38
5 - 7 correct outcomes = 1pt
8 - 9 correct outcomes = 2pts
10 correct outcomes = 3pts

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c’mon @lifeintheslowlane and @saintbletch still need to make your predictions for this weekend.

If you don’t you’ll get the default picks which, going on past predictions, will probably work out better for you :slight_smile:


I’m in.

I installed the app and when I tried it earlier on mobile network (as opposed to WiFi) it took a long time to respond.

Now I’m on WiFi it’s all good. Predictions still wrong but the app is working.

That was a krap weekend

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Yep, it was wasn’t it…



I’ve had a 'mare.

I see I’m the wearer of the chapeau jaune.

Bletch is back!

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Is that awarded to the gayest player?

Nope, thats the matching paisley shirt and boxer combination…

I think you’ll find that’s the chapeau brun.

We played Brighton yesterday. Do try and keep up.

I’m just getting into my stride, having missed the first week.