:pl:⚽ SuperBru - Premier League Predictor 2020/21

A new season will soon be upon us and with it comes a new season of the SuperBru premier league predictor.

I have renewed the Sotonians league for the 2020/21 season and invited the previous participants back as reminder last seasons champion was @PhilippineSaint with @saintbletch winning the :wooden_spoon: with a pretty apathetic participation in the season’s run in.

Pos. Sotonian Points
1. @PhilippineSaint 357.00
2. @Goatboy 354.00
3. @lifeintheslowlane 335.00
4. @Polski_Filip 331.00
5. @Saint-or-sinner 327.00
6. @Btripz 309.00
7. @saintbletch 267.50

Anyone else who wants to join in is more than welcome, just sign up at https://www.superbru.com/ and then join Sotonians via the following direct link

or by downloading the Superbru app and searching for the pool with code: maxityre

As I am Offshore at present I cannot access the SuperBru site as our internet police think I might be enjoying myself and have blocked it.

@BTripz you may have to log me in and put the first couple of weeks scores in for me.

Do you have your own tablet or laptop with you, if you do you can put a VPN on it and bypass your company’s security.

That was my problem last season - I was offshore.

If anyone wants to join in NEVER miss a deadline otherwise your season is over.

It’s like losing 9-0 at home - the season is over and you’ll never recover.


that is a possibility if I can get on a site that will allow me to download a VPN over the company internet. I will get my tame Aussie computer tech on it in the morning.

Haven’t used it for a while but if all you want to do is visit text based sites (no streaming) then it works OK.

Visit here and enter the site you want to visit and you effectively use their site as the proxy.

That said, if I was your network manager, I’d block it.

they have.


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Yeah it would be fun to have a few more “players” this season. It’s really easy to compete and with Bletch and Bob signed up there’s not much chance of coming in last place.

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Welcome @JxgrSaint may they be the first of many…


No, you just chickened out.
I missed 2 weeks still came 4th

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I too missed more than one round and look where I finished…


I was making a late comeback but the season was about 3 weeks too short, mind you I got a bonus point for predicting our 0 - 9 defeat.

Welcome to the competition @Upsidedownsaint, may you fail as miserably as @saintbletch, only so I don’t come last…


With all these migrants we may have enough to get the Sotonians FOL league going again.
Wow, match days could get as exciting as train trips!

I’ve got it in the bag this year…


The :wooden_spoon: or the :chapeau_jeune:?

You’ll have to prize the former out of @saintbletch’s comatose hands (especially after he opens that Punk IPA can)

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