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Well after the first game I am bottom with zero points and everybody else is 1 point ahead

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After the first round the scores on the doors are as per below.

Yes, thanks @PhilippineSaint for stealing my thunder…

Pretty close in the end but congrats to @DellBoy who, like almost most of us, only got 3 outcomes wrong but what he predicted was closer than the rest of us. 3 exact, 3 close, and 3 results. Both @Polski_Filip and I got 2 exact, 3 close, and 4 results.

Unlucky @Goatboy who got 5 outcomes wrong, 4 close and 3 results in his :wooden_spoon: score.

Don’t forget the next round starts soon so get your predictions done…

I see @DellBoy is keeping his tinder dry until Friday…I suspect @PhilippineSaint has done all of his already, even through to the final where he will predict England beating Germany 5-1

I only have us winning 3-1 but they are all own goals

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Here are my picks for the round of 16

Will you change them when the teams are sorted out?

probably not

Good start to this round…

Having a proper chuckle at our pet croat at work

Is he now going right back at you?

well we all got zero points for the first game

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Oh well, shit round incoming for me

FFS, I’m the only one that predicted a draw and yet I’m still last this round…

Round 2 - A Quick Update

Well done to @PhilippineSaint who managed to grab the :chapeau_jeune: from @DellBoy, @DellBoy himself came dead last but somehow avoided being given the :wooden_spoon:, that honour going to @Goatboy.

Top and bottom only separated by 5.5 points

Leader Board after Round 2

@PhilippineSaint’s efforts see him climb 5 place to the top of the leader board whilst @Goatboy stays bottom.

Despite a shit start to this round I somehow manage to retain my second place, only ½ point behind @PhilippineSaint

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