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So not the score at 90 minutes then…

Has @SimplySaint found a clapped out DeLorean somewhere??


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I thought all DeLoreans were clapped out?

I will be locking my scores and seeing what @SimplySaint has down and thats where the money is going.

Having not opened the app other than vicariously through gmail, I thought now would be a good opportunity to claim that I of course knew this would happen and that all scores are not pure luck…

Picks locked and @SimplySaint has France and Portugal to win so lump your hard earned spondulicks on them now.

Although this will probably turn out like after the Lord mayor’s show. and both teams lose.

At least I cashed out for a profit

Well done @CB-Saint and @JxgrSaint!! The @SimplySaint prediction juggernaut appears to have got a flat.

@Goatboy still has a chance to get predictions in for the remaining 2 Round of 16 games

Round of 16 - A Good Round for @SimplySaint

Well done to @SimplySaint who started off this round well but faded towards the end, still 6 outcomes correct form 8 matches, 3 exact, is not to be sniffed at. Mind you @CB-Saint can consider himself lucky, also getting 6 outcomes correct but, crucially, none exact. Wear your :chapeau_jeune: with pride young man.

Bottom of the round is @Goatboy who only managed 1 outcome correct, mind you he only made 2 predictions :slight_smile: With a 50% success rate he could, and maybe should, have scored better. :wooden_spoon: incoming

Leader Board

@SimplySaint is replaced at the foot of the table by @Goatboy. @Polski_Filip takes over at the top but not by much. @PhilippineSaint “ahead of time” round of 16 points sees him drop 3 places to 4th

Saving my form for the real competition.


Are you Southgate in disguise?


Southgate cannot discuise he his a cunt

Are you on Phil’s phone?

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Quarter Finals - Poland Reigns Supreme

Well, well, the quarter finals see @Polski_Filip take the :chapeau_jeune: in a photo finish. @Polski_Filip got 2 outcomes correct, as did 3 other players, but he had them exact unlike the other 3 who only had 1 spot on and 1 close. Surprisingly @Polski_Filip was the only one to correctly predict the ENG v SUI outcome, everyone else went for a win either way (actually @SimplySaint and I went for a SUI win :-))

Bottom of the pile for the quarter finals was @Rugbysaint who got no outcomes right at all

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This means that @Polski_Filip extends his lead at the top of the leaderboard. With only 3 matches left to predict I should imagine a 4 point lead will be enough to see him win the thing outright. but you never know.

How old are you lot?
How many times you watched England in a tournament?
It was obvious we were going to penalties!

We are not Portsmouth we do not have enough fingers and toes to count that with.

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