:superbru: :efl: SuperBru - EFL Championship Predictor ‘23/24

Oh wait. What happened here? Joint 1st place and 1st place.
Make a note - that will never happen again!

Round 4 - Seems I’m Not Very Good at this Championship Predictor Lark, yet @PhilippineSaint is!!

Another round another :chapeau_jeune: for @PhilippineSaint, is there no stopping him, he is the @Tokyo-Saint of the EFL Champiosnhip Predictor, this time he only wins by 2 points with 10 out of the 12 results predicted correctly, only 2 exact scores though.

@Goatboy also managed 10 results predicted correctly but his were somewhat less accurate so gives him 2nd place.

Thank the lords not another :wooden_spoon: for me, the honour this round goes to @Rugbysaint who I managed to outscore by 1 point. We both did predict 5 results correctly though, just not with any accuracy.

I really do think it’s about time I started predicting :saints: to win, habits are hard to break though!

Round 4 - Leaderboard

All those :chapeau_jeune:'s means that @PhilippineSaint is well out in the lead at the top of the leader board. Whereas I am a comfortable 5 points adrift at the bottom.

It’s a marathon though, not a sprint.

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Looking good from here top on Sotonians top in EG second in Saints people around the world It can only go downhill from here

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Round 5 - Look Away Now!!

Hmmm, not a very good week of predicting this week was it?? Safe to say that @SimplySaint winning the :chapeau_jeune: with a measly 7½ points is quite embarrassing for us all, and that was from 3 results precited correctly (out of 12 games).

I came second with 6½ from 5 results predicted correctly.

Bottom this week and sharing the :wooden_spoon: is @PhilippineSaint and @DellBoy, @PhilippineSaint is going to have quite the collection of awards!!

Leader Board - Round 5

@PhilippineSaint is still at the top and I am still bottom

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Round 6 - After the Quiet Comes the Storm

What a week for @Rugbysaint, 11 results out of the 12 predicted, nearly a full house, the best that I have seen so far. Enjoy your :chapeau_jeune: young person.

Their 11 correct predictions included 4 exact and 5 close results, pretty good going IMHO, @Cobham-Saint and I came joint second this week, 7 points (!!) behind @Rugbysaint

Bottom of the pile is @Saint-Rob with 6 points, a score that would have seen them highly placed last week. Have a :wooden_spoon: for your efforts.

Leader Board

Top of the table stays the same with @PhilippineSaint out in front albeit with a reduced lead. Lots of movement in the other 3rd place downwards, I’ve managed to haul myself off the foot of the table.

Biggest mover up this week is @Rugbysaint, no surprises there.


My thanks, I shall take my consolation prize and weild it with pride! At least I did better than the week I forgot to predict scores :slight_smile:

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Do it the easy way and predict all the scores before the season begins like I do :rofl::rofl:

Not a bad shout! I know what I’m doing this weekend…!!!

How in the love of God,how???

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This is all well and good, but how were EPL Superbru & FPL this week?

Not working so well this week :slight_smile:

I’m getting to them, @SimplySaint will like the EPL Superbu one I’m sure

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Round 7 - A Quick Turnaround from Round 6

Round 7 sees @TheMightyOstrich top the table with 9 out of 12 results predicted correctly, same as @Saint-Rob, however @TheMightyOstrich’s 2 close compared to @Saint-Rob’s 1 sees him take the round’s :chapeau_jeune: by ½point.

@PhilippineSaint’s early season form seems to have deserted him as he wins this round’s :wooden_spoon: with a measly 4points, from 3 correct predictions.

Leader Board

@PhilippineSaint stays at the top but is now only 2 points clear of @TheMightyOstrich, again lots of movers and groovers in the lower spots but @JxgrSaint remains rooted at the bottom (a reverse of his EPL predictor form)

A wooden spoon and still top dog doesnt get much better than that.


I have absolutely no idea who is good in the Championship

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Not us.


Thanks Herculé, I’d rumbled that one myself tbf :sweat_smile:

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Round 8 - Reality Bites

And it shows that we don’t really know the Championship that well.

Somehow @Cobham-Saint wins this round’s :chapeau_jeune: with a stunning 11 points, 3 points clear of 2nd placed @Rugbysaint, @Cobham-Saint only managed to predict 6 of the 12 games correctly.

Bottom this week, obviously his piousness isn’t working, is @lifeintheslowlane, who managed to predict 2 results out of the 12. His massive 2½ points sees him pick up the :wooden_spoon:

Leader Board

@PhilippineSaint remains top, @JxgrSaint remains bottom, lots of position shuffling in between

“Somehow @Cobham-Saint wins this round’s :chapeau_jeune: with a stunning 11 points, 3 points clear of 2nd placed @Rugbysaint, @Cobham-Saint only managed to predict 6 of the 12 games correctly.”

Go on, build me up and knock me down….


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Round 9 - We Really Know Nothing About the Championship

Another round, another low score wins the :chapeau_jeune:, well done to @Numptyboi on his outstanding score of 9½ points, he shares the :chapeau_jeune: with @lifeintheslowlane who also achieved this fantastic feat.

I come 3rd with 9 points, go me.

Bottom of the round is @Saint-Rob who managed a mahoosive 4pts, :wooden_spoon: well deserved.

Leader Board

Top is still @PhilippineSaint, @TheMightyOstrich is still 2nd but catching them is @Cobham-Saint !!!

@JxgrSaint still rests pretty at the bottom.

Round 10 - Back to the High Scores

Well done to @PhilippineSaint who scored a massive 19 points this week from 10 out of 12 correct predictions, only 2 spot on though but 6 close is pretty good.

He pips @Polski_Filip to the :chapeau_jeune: by ½, @Polski_Filip got 9 predictions correct, 3 spot on, the rest pretty average.

@Dizzyfeet picks up his first :wooden_spoon: of the season with a measly 5½ points, 2 less than @Cobham-Saint

Leader Board

@PhilippineSaint stays at the top, now 10 points clear of @TheMightyOstrich, @Goatboy and @JxgrSaint swap places at the bottom with @Goatboy taking over the strongest player spot.

Lots more shuffling mid table with @Polski_Filip climbing 7 places.

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