:superbru: :efl: SuperBru - EFL Championship Predictor ‘23/24

With Saints relegation to a league where they might actually win some games I have decided to create a Sotonians pool in the Superbru EFL Predictor.

I’ve invited everyone who was in the Premier League Predictor last season but if you’d like to join follow the link and create an account (if you don’t already have one), then join the pool.

Sotonians Superbru EFL Predictor Pool

or by downloading the Superbru app and searching for the pool with code:


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@Numptyboi , @Cobham-Saint , @TheMightyOstrich, and @Dizzyfeet check your emails for an invite to the pool :slight_smile:

Nothing, nada, diddly squat…

Thats all the predications made for the EFL and Premier league for the season.
It appears that Saints are going the whole season unbeaten will win the league from Leicester and then Leeds.

Man City win the Premier league again.

OK, I’ve just sent out a reminder to you, you’re the only one left…

DM me the address you are using as I’ve not received anything.

It’s whatever you have got set up against your Superbru profile, which I can’t see…


Went into Superbru and accepted

C’mon @Dizzyfeet, @Goatboy, @Numptyboi, @Saint-Rob, @SimplySaint, and @TheMightyOstrich not long to go now

This is actually pretty tough, having not followed the championship at all for petty much 10 years!

We’re in for a rocky ride in terms of predictions for a few weeks I reckon!

Who knows where Saints will end up. All I’m hoping for are more wins than last year!!

(lucky Barry isn’t around to suggest we’ll do even worse again this year with our crap team of losers and deserters!)

Good point, now @NotBletch is back we should invite @NotBarry back :slight_smile:


Well Well Well.
@BTripz @Polski_Filip @Saint-Rob you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Shameful behavior from all you 3 point winners, 1-2 phah, I spit on your prediction.
My 1.5 pts is scant reward for a TRUE Sotonian !

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Gamweek 1 - Well done to @PhilippineSaint

Well done to @PhilippineSaint who won the fist :chapeau_jeune: of the EFL predictor season. He predicted 8 of the results, 4 exactly, earning a massive 19 points.

To be fair there are 12 games to predict in the EFL so points should be higher.

Except for @Polski_Filip who only managed to predict 3 results and earns the first :wooden_spoon: of the season.

Last season’s hebdomadalis loser, @Cobham-Saint, managed to predict 5 results, with 3 spot on. Can he keep this up for the season?

Not bothering with a leaderboard at the moment

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What do you think?

Past performance is a good guide to future performance


I have won it before I could be the first for a repeat win.

Not the EFL one you haven’t :slight_smile:

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Did I come last again like what I did in FPL?

Round 2 I got a second yellow cap and @Rugbysaint got the wooden spoon

Round 3 @dizzyfeet got the yellow hat and @BTripz got the wooden spoon

The leader board has me at the top and @BTripz bringing up the rear.

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