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Oh, the bitter irony.

Higher than normal then :joy:

Luckily Mrs C_S is away this weekend and Young Adult#2 is down in the south wing somewhere…

Are you staying at Slowlane Mansions?

No, Cobham Towers. It may not be as salubrious as Slowlane Mansions but we’ve plenty of room for the staff to swing a cat or two.


You’re welcome to stay. The lower 40 has been laid to Solar Panels but after all this rain the panels need buff. Accommodation and cleaning cloths provided. :slight_smile:

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Minimum Wage?
Cash in hand?

:astonished: You want WHAT!

A friend was asking

You can’t spend groats any more Phil.

Criminal Record Apple + hooked us on Episode 1
It then bumbled along. It could have lost us as it tried to fill 8 episodes.
We knew something was not right and finally in Ep 7 it all comes out but still leaves a cliff hanger as we move to the finale

It has been good Peter Capaldi is superb. One week to know if it was great or too long

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Masters of the Air Episode 5 is pretty grim but gripping. Nothing could give you a true depiction of the reality but well done, even touched on the morality of blanket bombing, albeit fleetingly.


So far, we’re up to episode 5 of Monsieur Spade, last one should be available from tomorrow. Really excellent series, and they’re already hinting at a second. It’s difficult to track down in the UK, but it’s available from the US link that Phil has, as long as you use a VPN. It’s definitely worth the effort of tracking it down. Great storyline, great acting and beautifully filmed, the bird’s been enjoying it as much as I have. Recommended.

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Am also reading the book of the same name - what has been taken for the series is just a small part.

Must have been horrifying to be in one of the crews.

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The same but very different - I enjoy the John Nichol books (The Tornado Pilot shot down in Iraq)
His books were bascially built up from interviews with survivors - Lancaster told the RAF version and again- horrific what they went through.

The was a chap who lived here in North Baddesley who was a Lancaster pilot and ex-OS man too. He passed away about 3 years ago, aged 97. Lucky to have made it out of his early 20s.


Starting Wednesday 21st…Jonathan Banks…need I say more… :lou_lol:

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“Sand Job” - Top Gear/ Grand Tour thing on Prime

Ok - a couple of laugh out loud moments but not a classic - lots of Mauritanian flags so @Map-of-Mauritania would be happy.

Clarkson deffo too old now. The others catching up.

Funny that there was a car ad at the start that you had to watch but it ended with something along the lines of “…so you can watch ad free”

Happy to have ads on Prime if that’s the norm. They just need to actually improve their content which has become shockingly poor of late.


That was their last show.
And they gave it car love & cinematography along eith the scriptef gags and shit.
I found Mauritania facinating and that Islamic library & village being eaten informative
I laughed in places
A fitting farewell
As they said.
What the fuck else could they do with cats at their age.

Isn’t there a class action being taken against them in the States? For selling a “premium” advert-free product, then moving the financial goalposts?

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Thought there was another one already filmed?