🚫 'Stoptober' - its crap

:no_entry_sign: 'Stoptober' - its crap


I hope you can envisage a life without booze because I’m fucking struggling


bloody easy mate work will not allow me to I am already just past the 5 week dry stay for this particular trip.


You hadn’t mentioned that you’d been dry for an extra week while your back-to-back sites in the sun somewhere getting mashed.

Sympathies, @PhilippineSaint.


So what are you going to do if you don’t make it?

There has to be some sort of forum penance…to help you focus.

If you fail (your German invasion aside)…

  1. No Mat Demarco mentions for 251 days
  2. No Gruff Rhys mentions for 257 days
  3. No Super Fury Animals mentions for 269 days
  4. No moaning about a £30 ticket limit for 271 days
  5. No being a complete cunt on here for 277 days

It’s an honour system, but we will just KNOW by your posting style if you’ve been able to keep it going.

Oh, and there’ll be a shiny badge in it for you (and anyone else that signs up). No really!


:poop: I am sure I may have mentioned it once or a fucking thousand times by now :lou_lol:


I will also need a Friday pass for post 5 aside drinks. Other than that we’re on.


Yeah, no problem.

Why don’t you exclude Thursday post-Breakfast bourbon, Wednesday post wank weiss beer, Tuesday post-coital cocktail, Monday post-shit shots, Sunday post-piss pastis and Saturday post-Saints cider while we’re at it?

It’s not called Drinktober, it’s called Stoptober, man!

I’m with your wife* on this.

* I’m not with your wife.


His name is Mac.


I’m sure the inventors of Stoptober would concede that a few drinks once a week is perfectly fine. In fact they’d probably encourage it.


Why didn’t they call it Ocsober?


I don’t know. Why didn’t they call it Ocsober?


I don’t know either. Could you ask them please.


I thought you were telling a joke.


Sorry. I will try and think up a funny punchline and get back to you. I may be some time.


Because Ocmashedtofuck wouldn’t sell many calendars?


Hey mate, i’m probably not the best person, but if your struggling with life issues. You’re not alone and don’t worry!