🚫 'Stoptober' - its crap

:no_entry_sign: 'Stoptober' - its crap


OK…so this year I succumbed to the media crappy driven dogooding nonsense and decided to lay off the booze completely for the month. Not really driven by pure health reasons as I did not drink that much anyway… but did enjoy a good wine and few beers now and then and maybe a wee dram of fine malt on a weekend… but most because despite cycling around 200km a week, I struggle to keep the weight down through shit dietry discipline.

But its crap.

Just needed to get that off my chest


Haven’t had a drink snce 16th September. I wouldn’t recommend it.

UK Rumfest at Earls Court on the 14th and I have a bottle of this:

to tuck into this weekend as a warm up.


Who makes these things up?

Why October, isn’t there a dry January already ffs?



Being saved for November…


Sobertober has a much better ring to it. Stoptober sounds like you’re laying off the cigs…


Fuck that.

Have the organisers people seen the world we live in?

Be like The Dude. Stay limber.


Oooh, that looks nice.


I love drinking. Im not stopping till the doctor tells me to. And probably not even then.


October is perhaps the most depressing month. Summer is now over, and it’s just a gentle introduction to months of darkness and cold. The only way to combat it to drink.


In the words of Father Jack, “Drink, Feck, Arse, Wimmin!”


It all sounds suspiciously like lent to me.

Drink all you Like. Die younger, live fewer but more fulfilling years, whilst freeing up resources for future generations.

It would be selfish not too.


I know addiction, I feel your pain.

I’m constantly one square away from falling off the dark chocolate wagon, bigtime…


Octsober was always my thought for a name. And why doesnt Decembeard follow Movember?


I wish I had stopped

nursing a terminal hangover thanks to the Sri Lanka coconut spirit, Arrack

Rhe fact that we spent most of the night mixing it with different things to try and make it palatable should have warned us


You drank Arrack???

What did you expect?

Took me 15 years to give away tastes of the souvenir bottle I bought back.

In the end it just dissolved the bottle


The whole of November ? Amateur.


It does.


I thoughtMOvember wasfollowed by Decletsgetfuckeditschristmasandruinmarriagebyplayingthetwobackedbeastwithjennyfromaccountsontheboardroomtableember?


I’ve stopped for October too. But I like to get in a few sober months each year, at least 3 or 4. Because when I am drinking, I fucking leather it. Which isn’t what doctors recommend.


Some of the more forthright women I work with said they were going to have Vanuary!! This being if you’re a lady and trimmed “downstairs” you stopped and vice versa.

They didn’t like the idea of having male adjudicators though!!!