🤪 Stir Crazy Antidote #15 - the great Easter Egg Quiz! 🥚

OK funnyfunsters, this should keep you all occupied for a while. I think @saintbletch may be able to hazard a guess at where it came from, but sadly I can’t claim it as my own.


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Ahh, that will be my son’s mate AF if I’m not mistaken.

I think I posted one of these a few years ago.

They really are brilliantly researched but fiendishly difficult.

Yes, it came from his parents. Though the one you posted before was actually by his brother, TF. Not sure about this one as it’s not signed, at least as far I can see. As I type this I’m on part 2, clue 6.

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Oh get a fucking room :roll_eyes:

How could you make such a disgusting suggestion? Don’t you know there’s a pandemic going on?

Oh, and part 2, clue 6 is an utter bastard.

Part 1, Clue 2 has done me for…

Was working today so tomorrow I will tackle this, ace it in a single day and tell you all where you have gone wrong.


Fvck that. Who picks a pale grey font?

Careful now. That’s my first cousin once removed you’re talking about, I’ll have you know.

I fucking hate people that give up as soon as something doesn’t go their way.

Well now, I picked myself up and decided that I was the better person, I am now on Part 1 Clue 10…

How’s your Superbru predictions going??


Better than mine and he isn’t doing any :slight_smile:


Nice. When you get to part 2 clue 6, please let me know if you can see how the hell to get an answer from it. I may need a hint!

Had a quick go at lunch and go to 1-3 had to put it aside as my brain has been fried by too much fuckwittery this morning - shall continue once inebriated


News flash - I’ve just cracked part 2 clue 6.

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Part 2, Clue 1 is doing my noodle…

Right, just done Part 1 - Clue 4 and I’m not happy.

That diagram is very misleading.

I shall be having stern words with Adam when I next see him.

Ignore me, I’m stoopid

You’re talking about the 11 aren’t you??