Star Wars Battlefront E3

Yeah - there’ll be things wrong with it but it looks fucking great.

Don’t “link” YouTube vids, TheCholulaKid. Just copy and paste the URL onto its own line where you would normally write text.


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I’ve just had a look at that video, btw.

It looks the business. Genius move to use the game engine for the trailer.

Is that sarcasm, Pap? Can’t quite work it out. Says in the trailer it’s actual multiplayer footage - whereas previous trailers have stated it’s game engine. Or am I just being a simpleton?

No, I do think it’s an excellent idea. They managed to wring something fairly cinematic out of a pre-alpha PS4 build which pushes all the right Star Wars buttons. In an FPS.

Compare and contrast with the videos for The Old Republic, which were superb, by the way. The game engine was always going to fall short. It’s got me excited about the game.

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Looks bloody awesome, shame there isn’t a collectors edition. Not played the other games before but this makes my bits fizz.

Play for either as hero, foot soldier, tie fighter/ snow speeder pilot



Anyone playing the beta? I’m currently getting battered left, right and centre. Looks and sounds lovely, though.

I have had a look at the beta. Like yourself, I am not doing well. Not sure that the first level is necessarily the best to showcase the game, but there’s no doubting the responsiveness. Played PC and PS4. Both look very nice and have pretty tight netcode; didn’t notice any slowdown on PSN, despite the PS4 being in a non-optimal spot for wireless.

Can not wait for this, Fallout 4 as well.

Get the beta then. It’s out on PS4.

Where is it I can’t find it only pre order for £55!

Beta may be closed now. I think I may end up getting this on PS4. Seems a much better fit for couch gaming.

I suppose the huge things of note are the graphics and the COD-izing of the multiplayer experience. I don’t remember any of that with the last Star Wars Battlefront.

The beta map and mode was smartly picked. You have to hold a specific objective to win, although I found I racked up a decent score by acting on the periphery, taking out people that were looking to hit defenders. I’ve played enough of it to be seriously considering getting it.

You kids and your computer bollocks - what was wrong with the original plastic toys and imagination?

I’d take this post a lot more seriously if it wasn’t on the Internet. Nowt against the Internet, like, but going by the logic of your post, you should be dialling everyone up to let them know this opinion, perhaps even describing this wonderful toy.

What’s wrong with phones and a bit of imagination, eh? Or even being a town crier? Could you imagine Bazza floating his JWP theories in Above Bar?


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Town crier is a good option. :lou_smiley:

… does look good though :lou_is_a_flirt:

I would have posted here earlier about this, but Cracked Rib has been on the phone.

I don’t know how he got my number, but he asked me to come over and play Star Wars with little plastic figures (Like Mr. Potato Yoda above).

Fuck off, I told him to go

:confused: *

* These new emoticons won’t catch on.


Well, you can still play the beta on PS4 at least. Not sure about the ability to download.

Cracked Rib left saddened as no friends come round to play…

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