🏏 🇱🇰 Sri Lanka v England and Wales :engerland:

:cricket_bat_and_ball: :sri_lanka: Sri Lanka v England and Wales :engerland:


77.2 W

Dananjaya to Curran, OUT , a massive wipe and Curran edges to slip! A huge wicket for Sri Lanka, tossed up by Akila, tempting Curran into a flat-batted mow through the covers. But the extra loop also meant extra turn away from the blade, and it ended up as a simple outside edge to Chandimal, who is still hobbling after damaging his groin earlier…

SM Curran c Chandimal b Dananjaya 48 (104b 1x4 3x6) SR: 46.15

Currently 262/7

Juts noticed “a massive wipe”!! Was he taking a dump in the middle of the pitch??


87.4 W

Perera to Rashid, OUT , a slash, an edge, a wicket! One shot too many for Rashid, looking for the drive, but beaten by the angle across his bows. A sharp chance into Dhananjaya’s breadbasket, and an enterprising knock comes to an end

AU Rashid c de Silva b Perera 35 (38b 4x4 2x6) SR: 92.10

TBF Rashid has been twatting the bowlers around a fair bit


321/8 at the close. Amazing




330 / 9

Foakes on 95


334/ 9

Foakes 0n 99


338 / 9

Foakes 103 first test century


England 342 all out not a bad responce to the debacle of yesterday morning.


Foakes takes his first catch Sri Lanka 7-1


Chandimal has a groin strain probably won’t bat at #4 as can’t have a runner these days.
New ball swings for about 10 overs so need to make inroads


28/2 Curran in the swing


77- 4
Not a bad morning as it happens


131 / 5 after lunch.


Get into work, switch Sky Go on on the tablet and see Angelo Matthews hole out to short leg.

First ball after tea



171/7 Dickwella out for 36, good catch from Buttler at short cover.


Another wicket for Moeen, Akila goes for a duck

Ali to Dananjaya, OUT , beautiful take by Foakes! He’s right in the action today. Another beauty from Moeen, finding flight, dip and turn, and grazing the edge of a half-committed poke

A Dananjaya c †Foakes b Ali 0 (3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00



175/9, Leach gets his 2nd wicket. Perera drives straight to Buttler at extra cover. Good catch because the ball was moving some


203 all out

Lakmal the last to fall.

England have a lead of 139


Stumps day 2, England 38-0

Lead of 177 runs.

Highest run chase for victory on this ground is 99 runs!!!


I may be right in this